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Popular restaurants and bars in Kristiansund

The beautiful town of Kristiansund lies upon an archipelago, and offers a rich cultural heritage alongside freshly prepared food at a range of excellent restaurants. Freshly caught fish and seafood are the heart of many menus, with bacalao, a speciality of Kristiansund, not to be missed.

Dried and salted cod and bacalao

Kristiansund is often called the klippfisk capital, as dried and salted cod (as it is also known) is a popular local ingredient. Whilst visiting this lovely Norwegian town, do not miss the local speciality of bacalao, which is found on most menus, along with plenty of seafood options. In Kristiansand you will not have to travel far to find a superb and varied range of choice with traditional eateries, luxury restaurants and Indian, Chinese and Thai food rubbing shoulder to shoulder.

Food festivals and the Atlantic Road

There are many reasons to visit Kristiansund, not least the Atlantic Road ends here – a journey widely considered the world's most beautiful road trip and voted the building of the century in Norway. The town also celebrates several festivals where you will be served delicious food in an authentic "Kristiansund" style – the Snadderfestivalen, for example, sells Norwegian produce of the highest quality. And, whilst here, visit The Social Bar & Bistro, which offers classic dishes for all tastes.


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