The interior at Kafé Lucy in Oslo.

Kafé Lucy – a café with an extra twist in Sommerro

Fancy an americano and pain au chocolat before you start work? Or maybe you're in the mood to celebrate after a long day of meetings? Kafé Lucy at Sommerro by Solli plass is the place to be!

Cosy and intimate local cafe

The warm and friendly local cafe, Kafé Lucy, is the first sight to greet you when you cross the threshold of Sommerro in Oslo – a space filled with restaurants, bars, a pool, a gym and even accomodation. Instead of a formal hotel reception confronting you, Kafé Lucy welcomes you into this rich and diverse place, setting the relaxed tone that makes visiting Sommerro so easy and pleasurable.

A refreshingly different experience

Everyone is welcome here, whether you are a guest or not. Drop by Kafé Lucy on your way to work or whilst you're waiting for a delayed tram. If you are looking for a new twist, Kafé Lucy is just the place for you! If you want to try something different from Narvesen, Mix or 7 Eleven, or fancy some new and exciting flavours than the traditional fare of Kaffebrenneriet or Espresso House, then Kafé Lucy is a refreshing alternative.

A treat for someone you love

Kafé Lucy, named after Per Krogh's first wife, is the perfect spot to swing by for a quick coffee and a tasty snack. Or maybe you would like to pick up a treat for someone special? Check out our menu, next time you are passing by!

Cupcakes at bakery Kafé Lucy in Oslo.Croissants at bakery Kafé Lucy in Oslo.The sign of bakery Kafé Lucy in Oslo.

Kafé Lucy


Opening hours

The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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    Sommerrogata 1, 0255 Oslo
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    +47 21 40 49 00
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