Table setting at restaurant NÒR at Quality Hotel™ Match in Jönköping.

NÒR Jönköping

NÒR – modern brasserie at historic site

Welcome to a restaurant in central Jönköping where the modern meets the classic, and the contemporary intersects with history. Here you'll be served dishes that elevate traditional Nordic cuisine to new heights with the help of flavours from Central Europe.

Stunning and historic setting

NÒR is situated in one of the preserved spaces from the old matchstick factory. The combination of the historic brick walls and beautiful windows, filled with a sense of history, along with the modern and cosy interior, creates a delightful atmosphere. The restaurant is adjacent to the Quality Hotel™ Match, located in the Tändsticksområdet area of Jönköping. With its central location and stunning views of Lake Vättern, it offers convenience and beauty in one package.

Local ingredients from forests and fields

The menu at NÒR consistently features innovative and well-crafted dishes, whether you're popping in for a quick lunch or savouring a luxurious three-course dinner. This is a restaurant that cherishes local ingredients and the bounty of the Scandinavian forest and land, seamlessly blending them with exciting spices and influences from Central Europe.

Drinks and shuffleboard

In the restaurant's adjacent bar, you can indulge in exceptionally good cocktails, a cold beer, or a glass of wine in your preferred colour. The lively and vibrant atmosphere is perfect for enjoyable after-work drinks, casual hangouts with friends, or perhaps a pre-dinner aperitif. You can even challenge a friend to a round of shuffleboard—loser buys the next drink?

NÒR Jönköping

Modern interior at restaurant NÒR at Quality Hotel™ Match in Jönköping.Burrata and tomato dish at restaurant NÒR.Shuffleboard table at Quality Hotel Match in Jönköping.A chocolate brownie for desert at restaurant NÒR.



Opening hours

The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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