Schnitzel and fries at restaurant The Social Bar & Bistro.

Explore Linköping's culinary scene

If you're planning a trip to Linköping, there are plenty of worthwhile eateries to choose from. Linköping's culinary offerings are influenced by cuisines from all over the world, and residents are also proud of the classic Östgöta food.

Eating and drinking in central Linköping

For those who live in or are staying in the centre of Linköping, there are plenty of good eateries and bars within easy walking distance. You can go for fine dining, Asian heat, Mediterranean-inspired tapas or a delicious meat dish served in a relaxed bistro. You'll find a list of our restaurants in the city below.

Discover hidden gems on the outskirts

On the edge of the city centre is Gamla Linköping, an open-air museum that was created to preserve the memories of bygone times. These older buildings were given a chance of a new life during the 20th century's demolition wave, and now you can enjoy everything from waffles to shrimp sandwiches, meatballs and classic Swedish fika here. If you're drawn to Swedish cuisine, we recommend The Box Restaurant, which serves classic dishes from Sweden with an international twist.


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