Street food at The Terrace in Malmö.

Popular Restaurants and Bars in Malmö

Malmö boasts of an international ambiance that mirrors its diverse culinary landscape. From falafel at Möllan to a tasting menu complete with white tablecloths, the city's restaurants and bars offer a delightful range of experiences.

Malmö's broad range of cuisine

Skåne's largest city is renowned for its falafel, and the debate on which one is the absolute best is ongoing. However, Malmö's culinary offerings extend beyond falafel, with an eclectic range of flavours from around the globe, catering to various price points. Don't miss out on the other exceptional dining experiences waiting to be discovered!

Lilla Torg and Malmö Saluhall

Lilla Torg is renowned for its concentration of restaurants, with outdoor seating areas bustling with people and a vibrant atmosphere during the warmer months. It's a must-visit destination! Malmö also boasts a popular food hall close to the central station, while the Clarion Hotel® Malmö Live offers a cosy environment to indulge in high-quality fish and seafood, pizza, gelato, and other delectable treats.

Rooftop location with panoramic views

Elevate your Instagram game with a drink or two at one of Malmö's picturesque rooftop terraces. Two of which you will find conveniently located near the central station – The Terrace and Sky Bar Malmö Live. The city has a lot to offer in terms of food, but if you crave smørrebrød and snaps, we recommend taking the train across the Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen. In just 30 minutes, you can be in a new city, a new country, and with a completely different restaurant culture.


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