Open kitchen at restaurant Lykke at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm.

Fantastic restaurants and bars in Stockholm

Stockholm has long enjoyed a flourishing restaurant scene with everything from century-old classic restaurants to newly opened spots that offer exciting taste experiences. Welcome to the Nordic Venice (not only is the city built on islands, there are also plenty of Italian restaurants)!

Stockholm – Sweden's food mecca

Stockholm is large in size, with many different neighbourhoods that differ greatly. Similarly, its restaurants and bars, which of course makes a visit to the capital extra exciting. One day you can visit a hipster spot with local beer on Södermalm, and the next day an exclusive cocktail bar in Norrmalm. Or why not take a walk around Kungsholmen, followed by a visit to a cosy bistro in the area? If you are further north, you can sit down at an outdoor seating area at Östermalmstorg.

Michelin-starred eatery or hot dog stand?

Stockholm is full of Michelin stars and has Sweden's only three-star restaurant - Frantzén. If you are looking for world-class gastronomic experiences, Stockholm is the right destination for you. If you are looking for simpler dishes (also in world-class), you have actually come to the right place. In Stockholm, the food scene is broad, for lunch you can queue up at Günthers hot dog stand for a double kabanoss with sauerkraut, and for dinner, enjoy Asian flavours at the luxurious restaurant TAK.

Europe's gastronomic capital 2023

Stockholm has been named Europe's gastronomic capital 2023, a project run by the Gastronomic Academy. The award means major investments in Stockholm's gastronomy, so if you thought the restaurant scene in the city had reached its peak, you were wrong. The nomination means a lot for the city's tourism industry and will put Stockholm on the map as a leading gastronomic capital. Warmly welcome to Sweden's food paradise!


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