Colorful food at restaurant Swede Hollow in Stockholm.

Seasonal dishes at Swede Hollow in Stockholm

Step into Swede Hollow and experience the best of Sweden through its food and environment. With a relaxed and social atmosphere, you'll feel right at home while enjoying delicious dishes made with a clear conscience.

A restaurant focused on Swedish flavours

At Swede Hollow, you can experience the best of Sweden through both its cuisine and setting. The interior is inspired by traditional Nordic design, featuring bar, porcelain, and wall hangings created by talented Swedish designers. The restaurant offers a unique take on Swedish Comfort Food, using high-quality ingredients to highlight the true tastes of salt, acid, and real sugar. Swede Hollow aims to revive the authentic flavours that have been lost in today's industrial food production.

No Waste – Great Taste

The restaurant places great emphasis on sustainability, constantly finding new ways to reduce its impact on the environment. The restaurant prioritises minimising food waste and using the whole product in cooking, calling it No Waste – Great Taste. Your plate will feature locally grown herbs and vegetables, straight from the courtyard. Swede Hollow brings you back to the natural, sentimental, and fantastic flavours.

Interior at restaurant Swede Hollow in Stockholm.Brunch at restaurant Swede Hollow in Stockholm.Shuffleboard at restaurant Swede Hollow in Stockholm.

Swede Hollow