A girl with a drink outside in the sun at Strömstad Spa & Resort.

Unique dining experiences in coastal Strömstad

With a generous portion of archipelago charm, Strömstad is an ideal destination for both food lovers and adventurers. Explore the city's great bars and restaurants, many of which boast prime spots with stunning sea views.

Locally and locally produced

Strömstad's stunning coastal location enriches the city's range of experiences, be it restaurants, bars, or other attractions. Here, you can expect menus featuring locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients, underpinned by a sustainable food philosophy. Savour the ocean's bounty alongside breathtaking views, available at many of the city's restaurants and bars—most of which are situated along the waterfront. Welcome to Strömstad.

Unwind in the archipelago

In need of a bit of extra tranquillity? You've come to the right place. Strömstad offers several opportunities for relaxation. If a visit to a bar or restaurant isn't enough to unwind, perhaps a spa day is just what you need. Why not have it all? At Strömstad Spa & Resort, you can indulge in exceptional spa treatments, savor finely prepared dishes just 10 meters from the water's edge, and then retire to a plush hotel bed for the ultimate relaxation.


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