Exterior of Selma Spa by the lake in Sunne.

Restaurants and bars in scenic Sunne

In the heart of Värmland you will find Sunne, the perfect destination for those looking for a variety of bar and restaurant experiences. Enjoy great food and drinks in a city with that little extra.

A mix of dining experiences

In the picturesque town of Sunne, you'll find bars and restaurants with influences from every corner of the world. Whether you fancy dishes inspired by near or far, we're confident there's something to surprise your taste buds in this fabulous town. And if you have a sweet tooth, fear not – here you can basically follow your nose to any of Sunne's delightful bakeries. Welcome to a culinary destination brimming with charm.

The nature of Värmland

Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Sunne boasts prime views of Lake Fryken. The lakes of Värmland, coupled with expansive forests, provide an excellent source of local ingredients such as game meat, mushrooms, and berries, often featured on menus. But the landscape offers more than just local flavours. At many of the town's restaurants and bars, you can enjoy spectacular vistas right from your seat, glass in hand—several even offer lakeside views.


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