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Our work with ethical trade

A visit at Strawberry should be positive and smart, both for our guests and society. Delivering fantastic hotel experiences, made with care for people and the environment, is important for us.

Ethical guidelines for suppliers

Ethical demands for suppliers

It is not always easy to trade right, which is why we have developed ethical guidelines for our suppliers and their entire supply chain. These cover basic human rights, proper working conditions and environmental requirements that are internationally determined by UN and ILO Conventions.

The guidelines ensure that the production of products and services that we use is done ethically with regard to people and the environment. It simply shows what we expect of our partners and what you as a guest can expect from us as a business.

Sustainable minimum demands for suppliers

Best possible tracking measures, least possible environmental impact

Ethical supplier guidelines are not enough for us. We want all of our partners to impact the environment as little as possible. That's why we have a list of minimum demands of environmental certificates and environmental policies that all of our suppliers agree to meet. These also include check-ups, follow-ups, and consistent plans to reduce environmental impact all the way to the final production stage.

This is our way of taking responsibility for people and the environment at all stages of the business.


Fair trade in each coffee cup

Our hotels serve more than 2,900 cups of coffee every hour. Each coffee bean is organic and Fair Trade labeled. The international Fair Trade label system ensures good working conditions and fair conditions for farmers that produce the coffee that we serve. Organic coffee production provides healthier coffee plantations, while the producers and environment are less impacted by pollution and chemicals.

Together with our coffee supplier, Löfbergs lila, we support a project in Honduras that aims to teach female farmers how to grow organic coffee. In our hotels you can always enjoy your coffee with a good conscience.

We eat our way to a better world

A green & responsible kitchen

Sustainable and organic food is always centre stage at our hotels, where organic produce has been served in our breakfast buffets since 2007.

Our goal is to provide good food experiences by serving organic food that is produced in a responsible way. Did you know that we only serve organic eggs in all of our hotels? And that all the coffee is Fair Trade? Have you heard of the EAT Forum? Find out more about our work with sustainable food by clicking on the button below.

Learn more about the food revolution
Channel for whistleblowing

Transparency and good communication throughout our organisation promote a better work culture

Our whistleblowing channel gives employees, contract staff, guests and partners the chance to report suspicions of illegal activities and violations of our ethical guidelines.

Our whistleblowing channel allows people reporting an alleged wrongdoing to remain anonymous if preferred. This anonymity is guaranteed by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), our independent channel supplier.

The form should only be used to report suspected illegal or wrongful activities. If you have any feedback about hotel rooms, cleaning, services or similar, please share your thoughts with our Customer Service department using this contact form

Report form

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WeCare is our social responsibility

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