View of Stenungsund by the sea.

Seaside spa experiences in Stenungsund

Stenungsund is a beautiful coastal city that offers a wealth of exciting activities and plenty of tranquil spa experiences. Enjoy a soak in a hot tub with a delicious drink in hand, treat yourself to a facial, relax in the sauna or take a refreshing dip in the sea.

A year-round destination

The combination of blue sea, breathtaking cliffs and quaint fishing cabins is what defines Swedish summers for many, so in the warmer months, the country's west coast attracts tourists from all over the world. That said, there are plenty of reasons to visit the area at any time of year.

Take a dip whenever you feel like it

Take Stenungsund, for example. The town sits in a secluded location right next to the Hakefjord, near Gothenburg, and offers a range of both fast-paced and relaxing activities. If you're looking for the latter, one option is to visit the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, where whatever the season, you can unwind at the hotel's Bluewater Spa and take a dip in the sea.

Surround your senses with nature and water

Because Stenungsund's right next to the sea, you get the best of both worlds when you book yourself a lovely spa day. Enjoy the west coast's beautiful natural surroundings and the serenity of the pool, jacuzzi and sauna as part of the same trip. You can even book a sauna raft and alternate between the delicious heat and cooling dips in the sea? Unparalleled refreshment at any time of year!


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