People hanging out by the pool at spa hotel Selma Spa in Sunne.

A beautiful spa in Sunne

At Fryken, Värmland, you will find Sunne, a gem of a town embedded in beautiful nature and offering plenty of experiences, adventures and places to visit. It's also a place for relaxation. Give your body and mind the break they need with a variety of spa experiences.

Pool, sauna or spa ritual?

If you're visiting Sunne and have spent the day hiking, skiing, shopping or just strolling around the city, it's nice to end with something calm and relaxing. Another option's a visit to the spa that'll immediately help you unwind and regain your full energy. And depending on what you like, if you're looking for relaxation, there are several spa experiences to choose from! Relax in a warm pool, take a sauna or enjoy a spa ritual.

Extend the experience at a spa hotel

If you want to go all in and turn your spa ritual into a whole weekend, you can also book yourself into a cosy spa hotel. Sunne's Selma Spa, for example, is an excellent option when you want a good hotel and also to be able to start or end the day with a nice spa experience. You'll find saunas and several baths both indoors and outdoors, so you can choose whether you want to jump into steaming hot springs or cooling infinity pools.


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