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Let’s change the world for the better


Strawberry has a vision to make the world a better place, with a philosophy of never settling and always pushing for change. This goes hand in hand with what we value most – people and the planet.

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With a warm beating heart

We’re aiming for our business to be climate-neutral by 2030 – and that is an ambitious goal. In order to achieve this, we need several sustainable solutions for food and buildings. At the same time, we continue our work with fostering a company that is inclusive and diverse. Our work is driven by a warm beating heart and the hope to be able to proudly tell future generations that we did our best.

There are two things we value more than anything - our people and our planet


Gender equality and inclusion

We’re aiming to be a market leader when it comes to gender equality and inclusion. We value differences and create places where people feel welcome, respected and valued. We know that people from different cultures and backgrounds make us smarter, more effective and more creative.

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We all strive towards the same goal at Strawberry – to leave behind a more sustainable planet for future generations. Our sustainability work is basically about making a difference through action. This includes reducing our carbon footprint by promoting ethical and responsible business operations. We know that every step counts, but we also dare to take big leaps when needed. We are always seeking new innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact.


Climate-neutral by 2030

We are determined to be groundbreaking in our industry. And we are going to do so by becoming climate-neutral in our own operations, and halving the emissions in our value chain by 2030. This is one of the most ambitious goals in the industry. We do not as yet have all the solutions in place. However, we are ready for the challenge and we are convinced that there is a lot to develop and explore in order to get us to where we want to be in 2030. The goal has been set.

Sam Radstakken Nissen, Hotel Manager at Comfort Hotel Solna, standing at the hotels roof on the solar panels.



A more sustainable future and climate-neutral operations requires us to look at our properties. With carefully considered solutions for design, construction and property management, we can minimise our impact on the environment. In order to reduce our carbon emissions and reach our climate goals, we prioritise energy-efficient and smart methods.

Colourful food on a table at restaurang TAK in Stockholm.


Food & beverages

Food plays a key role in improving people's health, and the same applies to the health of our planet. With the goal of making a positive impact, we are wholeheartedly investing in health, the climate and the environment. We do so by serving responsibly produced food and beverages.

Dominic Gorham greeting a guest in the lobby at Sommerro, a hotel in Oslo.


Corporate social responsibility

We have pledged to explore all kinds of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations and those in our value chain. We work closely with our partners and suppliers to find innovative solutions and initiatives, to be able to continue to offer our guests the best possible experiences – while also reducing our emissions and environmental impact.

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