Does black asphalt sound more appealing than freshly prepared ski slopes? You shouldn’t underestimate Easter in the city, as it will most likely be one for the memory books.

View over the city from a drone

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1. Play tourist

Do you have that one museum, or that one restaurant, you have always wanted to visit, but never gotten around to? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Easter provides the perfect opportunity to play tourist in your own city, checking into a hotel, visiting a new cultural sight or eating at the restaurants you’ve only dreamt of trying. You might even fall in love with your hometown all over again, but in any case; you can’t beat the luxury of sleeping in a hotel bed instead of your own.

bed-at-six_originalHotel room at At Six.

2. Scandinavia at your feet

All major Scandinavian cities are great Easter destinations, and after a long winter they are now sparkling under the first sunrays of spring. This is a time of year when nature, man and city comes back to life. In Stockholm you’ll find that the sights are aplenty, most of which stay open even on red days, the view over Oslo from Holmenkollen is mesmerizing, while in Copenhagen it’s raining delicious Michelin stars.

nyhavn-copenhagen_1_1Nyhavn in Copenhagen is the perfect spot for the first outdoor drink of the year. Foto: Anton Karatkevich

3. A city all of your own

When everyone gets in their car heading for the mountains, the city’s atmosphere changes overnight. It can be hard to describe the atmosphere that rises, and it’s only the few who stay behind who get to experience the change of city air. It’s like they are sharing a secret.

Not only does this new silence have a meditative effect, it creates a perfect backdrop for a relaxing walk soaking up the Easter sun, before sitting down on sidewalk café ordering the first “utepils” (outdoor drink) of the season. Having a city all to yourself is a form of luxury you need to experience to fully appreciate.

4. Enjoy the good life

An urban Easter invites the good life, and during the quiet days of Easter you are allowed to celebrate your inner epicurean. Linger over eggy breakfasts, drink cappuccinos at the best coffee shop in town, catch a show or a play, drink good wine and indulge in even better restaurants – the possibilities are endless! Going urban for Easter is the perfect choice when all you want is to enjoy the good things in life.

Breakfast table_1_1Go out for a looooooooong breakfast.

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Check out our selected offers

Explore the season's best offers here!