10 cool things to do in Gothenburg with your kids: "Is the sloth real?"

Ingrid (5) is hot. Fortunately, she can just wear her t-shirt inside this tropical rainforest. Right in the heart of Gothenburg. "Look, it's a sloth, just like in the movie," says the five-year-old.

  • Curled up in a small nook, utterly still, lies a large, furry ball of fluff. Ingrid is absolutely right, it's a genuine sloth. The 5-year-old has taken over her jacket and is walking around in just her t-shirt.

  • The temperature inside the tropical rainforest is around 25 degrees Celsius, but due to the high humidity, it often feels much hotter...

  • Ingrid is here with her big sister Charlie (10), dad Kalle, and mum Guro. The Norwegian family has come to Universeum. It's a paradise for families, featuring a techno-zone, a South American tropical rainforest, and an aquarium.

  • "Is the sloth real? It's my favourite animal in my favourite movie, Zootropolis," says Ingrid, who becomes ecstatic when her favourite creature begins to stir.

  • "Can we go up to the sharks?" asks Charlie, excited and impatient.

Here are the top 10 activities for families with children in Gothenburg

1. Alfons Åberg's Cultural Centre

Address: Slussgatan 1

Just across the street from Clarion Hotel® Post, you'll find Alfons Åberg's Cultural Centre. This cultural centre is based on Swedish author Gunilla Bergström's books about Alfons Åberg. It's a truly cosy place with playrooms, reading corners, a theatre, and child-friendly food.

2. Hagabulle

Address: Haga Nygata 28

The Haga district is known for its wooden houses and charming cafés and shops. Here, you'll also find the famous hagabulle – a gigantic cinnamon bun. It is seriously huge. Have lunch at Café Husaren, purchase one of these renowned cinnamon buns, and snap a hagabulle selfie!

  • 3. Liseberg

    Address: Örgrytevägen 5

  • Gothenburg's most famous attraction, Liseberg, is a must on our list.

  • You should set aside a whole day or two to spend at the amusement park, which is filled with classic roller coasters, daring rides, a dedicated Rabbit Land for the little ones, and a wide variety of eateries.

  • "I was really scared at the beginning; it went straight down. So, I screamed, but then it was just fun," says Charlie. He has just ridden the Lisebergbanan roller coaster – the venue's most popular attraction.

4. Hotels with swimming pools

Address: Drottningtorget 10

Swimming pools are often high on children's lists when they're on holiday. Clarion Hotel® Post has a rooftop pool with fantastic views, where children can swim during the day. The hotel also offers family rooms and is located in the heart of Gothenburg. Another good option is to choose a Clarion Collection® Hotel, all of which include breakfast, fika, and an evening meal in the price of your stay.

5. Actionpark

Address: Burgårdsparken 1

Located right in the heart of Gothenburg, in Burgårdsparken, Actionpark is a haven for skateboardersand scooter riders, offering a perfect activity hub for young children, teenagers, and parents alike. With nearly 2,000 square meters of concrete, this park caters to families who enjoy speed and action. Best of all, it's completely free...

6. Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen is one of Gothenburg's most popular parks – for both locals and visitors. Here, you'll find expansive green spaces for picnics, an excellent playground (with plenty of climbing frames and equipment), and one of Sweden's oldest zoos, where you can see moose, deer, rabbits, and penguins.

7. Outdoor swimming pool

Address: Frihamnen 7

If you're visiting Gothenburg in the summer, the public pools in Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen are well worth a visit. You'll find a swimming pool with a slide, a lap pool, and a fun diving tower. Opens in June 2023.

8. Upzone

Address: Skatåsvägen 25

A large adventure park located in the scenic Skatås area. The park is divided into different zones with activities including climbing, ziplines, bumper ball (you wear a large plastic bubble and play football), and Combat Archery Tag – a safe and exciting archery competition. Activities can be done individually or in teams that compete against each other. Who's the toughest member of the family?

9. The Natural History Museum

Address: Museivägen 10

Museums are always a good choice, and this place will interest people of all ages. Here, you'll find extensive collections of preserved animals, insects, and reptiles, as well as geological exhibits. The museum offers a great mix of permanent exhibitions and events. Check its website in advance for listings.

10. Universeum

Address: Södra vägen

50 Back at Universeum, the family of four from Norway has walked through the tunnel leading to the Ocean Zone – a gigantic aquarium featuring a four-meter-high glass wall. Leopard sharks, rays, and smallerfish in bright blue, orange, and yellow colours swim above the family. Just like in a cartoon.

  • "There it is," says Charlie, pointing. At the bottom of the aquarium lies a so-called nurse shark, which can grow up to 4 meters long. Right now, it's sleeping peacefully.

  • The children sit down in front of the endless glass. They become completely calm, fascinated by everything they see. They stay here for a long time.

  • Further down in Universeum, a plethora of other experiences await, including a room where you can learn about the moon landing, a chemistry lab, and an exhibition where you can learn all about the human body.

  • But after having been in a tropical jungle, seeing a real sloth, and (virtually) petting a shark, the children have finally had enough impressions. Or so we thought.

  • A little tired, Ingrid asks:

  • "Can we go back to the jungle again?"

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