Are you tired of your normal winter break and looking for something new, different and unique to do? We will guide you through the options for 5 different fun winter break activities for the whole family!

Do something fun during winter break! Here are tips for loads of activities.

1. Flying free in Stockholm

Fly free in the capital. Photo: Bodyflight Stockholm

Sweden’s capital has many attractions and hidden gems. You can easily travel by metro, bus or by foot between the 14 islets and islands of the city. Bodyflight is a unique activity where you can find out what it feels like to fly in a wind tunnel. You get the chance to experience free falling without risking your life. If it’s your first time, you will fly at speeds of around 200 km/h and experience a fast-paced and adrenaline filled adventure! You will fly on jets of air inside a glass chamber that simulates the speed experienced during a parachute jump. You can therefore move and somersault completely freely through the air. Bodyflight is a perfect alternative to traditional activities like bowling and five-a-side, and it is also suitable for the whole family as the age limit is three years. Stockholm offers you an open city experience with a rich selection of things to see and do that offers something for everyone. Combine your time in Stockholm with a visit to one of the city’s all family-friendly and relaxed restaurants – read our top tips for Stockholm restaurants that differ from the norm here.

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2. Challenging adventures in Malmö

Sherlocked is perfect for adults and slightly older children. Photo: Sherlocked

Sherlocked in Malmö. Photo: Sherlocked

Sweden’s third-biggest city has more to offer than Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Turning Torso. There are many fine landmarks, attractions and restaurants. Quite simply, Malmö offers tons to see and do. For families with older children, a visit to Sherlocked may be just the thing. Sherlocked is a so-called escape room, where the point is to work together in groups to solve puzzles and try to escape from the room that you are locked in. You work together in a competition against the clock. Within the space of 60 minutes, you have to find clues, hidden objects and secret trails. Intensive, challenging and inspiring, Sherlocked is the perfect way to develop your ability to work together as a family, and to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Turning Torso in Västra Hamnen in Malmö.

There are plenty of restaurants for all tastes in Malmö. Far i Hatten is an unpretentious restaurant in the middle of Folkets Park where the specialty is wood-oven baked pizza. Take a few days in Malmö and experience a big city in smaller packaging.

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3. Fast-packed and extraordinary in Riga

Town Hall Square in Riga

Latvia’s beautiful and affordable capital of Riga invests a lot in tourism and has many international restaurants to offer. The city hums with life, music and activities for the whole family. In the centre of Riga, you will find Driftahalle – a modern facility with so-called WolfTrikes. These three-wheel motor vehicles are flexible, fast and bring out the competitive side in most people. You can drive up to 50 km/h around a challenging indoor course in a safe, fun and adrenaline-stimulating way. Suitable for the whole family and can be combined with spontaneous excursions and lovely restaurant visits. A bit outside of Riga, in the district of Tērvete, is the family-friendly Zoltners restaurant. It offers a culinary experience combined with beautiful nature. Flying to Riga from Sweden takes only 1.5 hours so it’s great, even for families with young children.

4. Virtual reality in Helsingborg

At the narrowest point of the Öresund lies the Scanian town of Helsingborg. The city is surrounded by parks, castles and even a beautiful and lively harbour with plenty of boating opportunities. A trip to the Danish town of Helsingør takes no more than 20 minutes. Helsingborg is a great winter break option for the whole family and offers a wide range of things to do.

The VR studio in Helsingborg is a high quality studio offering cutting edge Virtual Reality Entertainment. The whole family can experience magical adventures and fast-paced attractions in a whole new way. Take the chance to ride a roller coaster, shoot zombies or stand at the bottom of the ocean – at the VR studio you will experience the world in a whole new way.

Nimis in Skåne.

Round off the day with a visit to trendy Pinchos – the world’s first app restaurant. The restaurant is located in the centre of Helsingborg and has become a favourite for both children and adults. By ordering small dishes and inventive drinks with your phone, you can have a social and pleasant dining experience.

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5. Amusement parks and pizza in atmospheric Copenhagen

Classic Tivoli beckons year round. Photo: Tivoli

During winter break, you even have time to go abroad. Copenhagen is a city with many sides and lots to do. The city is perhaps most famous for Tivoli – the world’s second oldest amusement park. With more than 4 million visitors each year, Tivoli is the most popular tourist destination in Denmark and definitely worth a visit. The amusement park is located in the middle of the Danish capital and offers more than just carousels and attractions. With restaurants, concerts, performances and a cosy atmosphere, you can spend a lot of time at Tivoli Gardens.

A pizza in Westmarket? Photo: Westmarket

The fact that the city is so charming is partly thanks to the interesting mix of old and new. There are plenty of classic restaurants offering Smørrebrød. At the same time, the city is at the forefront of design, architecture and star pubs. Westmarket – Denmark’s largest food market – is located in the heart of Vesterbro. There you will find breakfast, dinner, and everything in between. The variety is huge.

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