Five attractions you might not dare to try at Liseberg: "A real adrenaline rush!"

The Liseberg amusement park is the biggest attraction on the west coast of Sweden. Here's a list of the park's wildest rollercoasters. Get ready for a wild ride!

  • "We queued up, but then I got really scared. I changed my mind and didn't want to go after all," says Charlie (10).

  • "That's alright," says her dad Kalle, consoling him. The family has just decided against riding Helix, one of the first attractions you encounter upon entering the Liseberg in Gothenburg.

  • With a g-force of over 4 and a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour, it's no small feat of engineering. But it's not the park's most extreme ride.

  • According to Liseberg's press representative, the park's most thrilling attractions are Valkyria, Helix, Balder, Loke, and Lisebergbanan.

  • Charlie (10) and her siter Ingrid (5), are spending a full day at Liseberg with their parents Guro and Kalle.

Top Five Wild Attractions at Liseberg


Before you even begin your day at the park, make sure to download the Liseberg app on your mobile. It provides an overview of the wait times for all the attractions, and you can even join a virtual queue. Simply enter the number of people in your group and your arrival time, and you'll be notified when it's your turn to take your chosen ride. It's a brilliant solution for families who are striving to accommodate everyone's preferences.

  • Valkyria is located near the middle of the park, and it's the ride from which you'll hear the most terrified and joyful screams.

  • It's Europe's longest dive coaster, with a drop of 50 metres. Just before the plunge, there's a brief pause when you hang over the edge before the roller coaster zooms through an underground tunnel at 105 km per hour.

  • "That was quite an adrenaline rush," says dad Kalle, grinning broadly after riding Valkyria for the first time.


Next on the list is the famous Helix. It sets the bar high as soon as you see it in action – and you can feel the butterflies in your stomach even from the ground. Helix is Scandinavia's longest and most feature-packed roller coaster. It features several loops, 4.3 g-forces, and speeds up to 100 km per hour. It takes you high up into the air and drops you back down just as quickly. All of this happens in under two minutes. It's understandable that a 10-year-old would back out of this ride – you experience weightlessness three times...


Balder is a wooden roller coaster. It starts like a true classic with a gentle curve, followed by a steep climb so all you see are clouds, followed by a slight turn to let the anticipation build. And then, straight down. The steepest hill is 70 metres long, with a top speed of 90 km per hour and a total height of 36 metres. Unfortunately, the attraction was closed when Strawberry's test family visited Liseberg. But would they have ridden Balder?

"Yes," says Charlie confidently.


This is a so-called 'gyro swing' — essentially a swing that rotates and sways as you sit facing out towards the park. At its highest point, you and your dangling legs are suspended 42 metres above the ground. The maximum speed is 100 km per hour, and the ride lasts about a minute and a half. The queue was a bit too long for our test family to give it a try, but judging by the volume of laughter and screams, this is a seriously cool attraction.

Loke is located right next to Balder.


This is Liseberg's true classic. The roller coaster is 1.3 kilometres long, has a top speed of 80 km per hour, and takes three minutes to ride. It's the park's most visited attraction and a must for thrill-seekers of all ages.

"I was really scared at the beginning because it went straight down. I screamed! But then it was just fun," says Charlie.

Strawberry wishes you good luck – and remember: It's okay to chicken out in the queue...

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