When googling "Karaoke Helsinki" you get 4 million hits in less than half a second. You see, Finns have other interests than just hot saunas. We dug deep to find some of the very best karaoke bars in the Finnish capital. Read more here!

Girls singing karaoke
The Finns for sure know how to enjoy their karaoke night out. If you’re heading to Helsinki in the next little while, make sure to visit some of the 10 karaoke bars we’re listing below!

Everyone gets it, the hype about karaoke. Getting together with friends, having a nice bite to eat and a couple of drinks and then singing all night long until losing your voice.
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1. Karaokebar Pataassa

Address: Snellmaninkatu 13

A classic karaoke bar: music, microphones and drinks. The interior is fairly modest, contrary to the visitors…. A guest review says "This is the place you hate and absolutely LOVE, at the same time." This bar is particularly popular on Fridays and Saturdays. You have to experience it for yourself. You’ll find it the Kruununhaka area.

2. Wallis Karaoke Bar

Address: Kanavaranta 7 e 22

Wallis Karaoke Bar is a unique bar with sea views and a warm cosy ambience. No surprise it attracts many great karaoke singers. Book a table and a booth to be sure to have a spot. Wallis Karaoke Bar is located on the Katajanokka peninsula and is open every days of the week.

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Wallis Karaoke Bar in Helsinki
Wallis Karaoke Bar!

3. Singer’s Karaoke Bar

Address: Lonnrotin puistikko 1

This karaoke bar is very centrally located in Helsinki. If you know Helsinki well: it’s close to Lönnrotparken. The atmosphere is friendly, they have a wide range of songs and a real stage, making the most unexperienced singer feel like a real star. It’s a little more expensive than other karaoke bars, but you get value for your money! If you feel like dancing, just head downstairs to where the dance floor is.

4. Karaokebar Anna K

Address: Annankatu 23

Anna K is an intimate and cosy karaoke bar, centrally located near the Kamppi area. A great place if you want to avoid large crowds. Open Mondays till Saturdays.

5. Karaokebar Jone’s

Address: Kaisaniemenkatu 13

In the heart of the city, close to train and tram stations and near the white cathedral, you’ll find Karaokebar Jone's. A bar with an old fashioned genuine interior. Open all evenings and nights throughout the week, except Mondays.

6. Karaokebar Restroom

Address: Tehtaankatu 23 A

This little free-standing brick building was erected in 1952 as a public toilet and formed part of the Olympic Games facilities in Helsinki. It’s now a karaoke bar. It fits about 30-40 people and secret sources reveal it is Finnish Formula 1 star Kimi Räikkönen's favourite bar... Restroom is a popular place and often filled to the rafters with karaoke enthusiasts.

7. Kaivopihan Karaokekellari

Address: Mannerheimintie 3

A centrally located karaoke bar, near Helsinki Central Station. With three different stages, you’re tripling your singing opportunities! Energetic and friendly karaoke hosts are making sure to keep the beat at top notch. They even have two practicing booths, where the unexperienced karaoke visitor can test their skills!
Karaokebar i Finland Picture from: Kaivopihan Karaokekellari

8. Karaokebar Yokopeli

Address: Fabianinkatu 17

Small indeed, but a very cosy karaoke bar and the drinks are reasonably prices too. Situated near Esplanadi, the design museum and Hotel F6(!). Open during evenings, Tuesday - Saturday.

9. KGB-Club

Address: Hallituskatu 3

A HBTQ friendly karaoke bar with a super nice atmosphere and large selection of Finnish songs! There are less English language songs however….. Open Fridays and Saturdays 10 pm – 4 am.

10. Erottaja Night

Address: Erottajankatu 15/17

This karaoke bar and night club is open 8 pm till 4 am every day of the week. Located very close to Esplanadi and Hotel F6.

Bubblare - Karaokebar Populus

Address: Aleksis Kivis gata 22

A karaoke bar for people who don’t want to limit their karaoke singing to weekends only. This place is open 24-7! If you want to party and meet people however, it’s best to come here late at night during the weekend. Situated just out of the city centre.

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