Culture, art, history or nature? Lund has something for everyone, whether you are travelling with children, your partner or with friends! Here we list the top 6 sights in Lund!

lund cathedral, towers, lund
The well-known steeple of Lund Cathedral.

Winding cobblestone streets, historic buildings and cycling students - welcome to Lund and one of Sweden's oldest cities! Here you will find the best tips on things to do in Lund.

#1 Lund Cathedral

If there is a church that you really must not miss in all of Sweden, it is Lund Cathedral. This landmark is a real hallmark of the small southern town and the 55-metre-high towers, called “Lunna pågar” (Swedish for “the Lund lads”) by the locals, can be seen from afar over the Scanian plains (in Swedish ‘de Skånska Slätterna’). Lund Cathedral, which is Sweden's most visited church, has been in use since 1145 and offers its visitors historical highlights such as the crypt (“Kryptan” in Swedish), which has been largely untouched since 1123, and the astronomical clock, which is from 1380.

If cathedrals are your thing, then definitely don't miss out on booking a guided tour! You can learn more about the architecture, the exciting history of the church and all the interesting objects and artefacts you can find there.

For children? Absolutely! Lund Cathedral has something for both old and young, in particular the story of Finn the Giant, whose statue can be found down in the crypt, is especially appreciated by children.

Entry fee? No.

Where: Kyrkogatan 4

# 2 Lundagård and the University House

Universitetshuset i Lundagård, LundThe University House in Lundagård. Photo: Nina Ransmyr

AF-borgen, Lundagård, LundAF-borgen in Lundagård. Photo: Kennet Ruona

In the Lundagård park you can walk amongst beautiful buildings with ancient roots. Lundagård has gone from being a royal estate during the early Middle Ages to the centre and symbol for Lund University and the city's student life.

Lundagård is located in the middle of Lund and is just as much the heart of the city as the University's core. Here, the Lund Carnival is held every four years and the all-male choir Studentsångarna (the Student Singers) traditionally sing in spring here on May 1st. See the medieval building Liberiet, the white and stately University House, AF-borgen castle and much more!

For children? Well. The park, of course, has a lot of green areas, but there isn’t that much for kids here.

Where: You will find the park in central Lund, right next to the Cathedral

# 3 Botanical Garden

Lund - Botaniska trädgården*Stroll around the Botanical Garden on a hot summer’s day. *

Breadfruit trees, cocoa, banana, orchids or the world's most unusual tree species? The Botanical Garden, or "Botan" as the locals call it, has 9 different greenhouses with different climates and plants from all corners of the world. But it isn’t just greenhouses that make this place exciting. Far from it! The botanical garden consists of an entire 8-hectare park, where the garden is divided into different blocks and plantings.

The 9 greenhouses: The Agathis House, The Cactus House, The Allspice House, The Mediterranean House, The Orangery, The Orchid House, The Fern House, The Palm House and The Victoria House.

For children? See exciting plants in the greenhouses and feel the temperature differences in the different sections. Take a break in the café or pack your own picnic and find a nice place to sit down on the grass in the park.

Where: Östra Vallgatan 20

# 4 Kulturen in Lund - cultural history museum and open-air museum

Friluftmuseet på Kulturen, LundOpen-air museum at Kulturen in Lund. Photo: Kulturen

Barnvisning på Västa Vrams Prästgård, LundKulturen’s pedagogical tour guide gives educational guides for children of, amongst other things, Västra Vram’s parsonage. Photo: Kulturen

The Kulturen Museum extends over a very large area and offers a great collection of cultural-historical houses and gardens from the Middle Ages up to the 1930s. Go into the houses and marvel at how we used to live and visit one of the exhibitions they have right now!

For children? And how! Kulturen even organises exhibitions and special guided tours for children. Listen to a fairytale, craft and play in a historical setting!

Entry fee? Yes

Where: Tegnérsplatsen 6

#5 Naturum Skrylle

Lund: Naturum Skrylle. Photo: Sofie PerssonEnjoy beautiful natural surroundings in Skrylle. Photo: Sofie Persson

Replace the cobblestones in town with the forest trails in the Skrylle nature reserve! Pack your backpack and take a day out in nature. At Skryllegården, about 12 km east of Lund, educational activities are organised where you can learn more about animals, plants and cultural history. During summer there is even a bus, Naturbussen (‘the Nature bus’) line 159, from Lund Central Station all the way to the nature reserve.

For children? Tree climbing, a ‘safari crawl’, family acrobatics, nature detectives… The themes for some of the guided tours reveals that there are really fun activities for children! You can also get tips on excursion destinations and hikes that are right for you.

Where: Between Dalby and Södra Sandby, about 12 km east of Lund

#6 Skissernas Museum (Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art) – Museum of the Year 2019

Skissernas Museum - exteriör. Foto: Caroline AnderssonSkissernas Museum also has exciting architecture to offer. Photo: Caroline Andersson

Arkivskåpet på Skissernas Museum, Lund. Foto: Caroline Andersson*Let the eye delight in all the different things that are in the filing cabinets at Skissernas Museum. Photo: Caroline Andersson *

Skissernas museum (Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art) received the prestigious award “Museum of the Year” in 2019! And with the world's largest collection of sketches, models and drafts for Swedish and international public art, it is not that hard to understand why. Here you can see art from world artists in large, airy exhibition rooms.

How about Henri Matisse, Diego Rivera and Sigrid Hjertén? You will not be disappointed with the museum's rich selection of fantastic art! Take a guided tour or visit artist talks, lectures, concerts, performances, their creative workshop and much more.

For children? Skissernas museum offers family tours (recommended from 5 years and up), Sunday workshops, holiday workshops and summer art schools.

Entry fee? Yes (NB: it’s free for students)

Where: Finngatan 2