Torfinn (72) loves Nordnes Sjøbad: "I come here as often as I can!"

For over a century, multiple generations of Bergen locals have swum in the saltwater pool on the Nordnes peninsula. Here, you can swim and exercise in an outdoor heated pool all year round, just like Torfinn does.

Happy people next to outdoor pool in Bergen.
  • The thermometer shows just a few degrees above freezing, and most of us, including Norwegians, wouldn't think to venture outdoors without a hat and scarf.

  • However, at Nordnes Sjøbad, it's a different story, with a group of swimming enthusiasts ready to dive into the heated pool.

  • "Nordnes Sjøbad give me energy," smiles a grey-haired gentleman in swimming trunks.

  • Torfinn Hansen is 72 years old, but he doesn't let the chilly Bergen weather deter him from his weekly workout. The sprightly grandfather tells Strawberry that he swims here as often as he can, often accompanied by his 27-year-old granddaughter Rikke.

  • "It's invigorating, and you can exercise your body and swim for as long as you can handle," he adds before diving into the pool.

A Stone's Throw from Bergen City Centre

Nordnes Sjøbad is situated by the sea in the charming neighbourhood of the same name, not far from the well-known Bergen Aquarium. There has been a pool here since 1910. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their pace. In addition to the heated pool and a small kid's pool and slide, you can also take a dip in the fjord if you wish, with a sauna just steps away from the ladder.

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  • Saunas and Ice Bathing in Bergen

    On-site, you'll find diving boards, a diving tower, and a kiosk offering light refreshments. Of course, changing rooms and shower facilities are also available. The pool is open throughout the summer and for much of the winter season.

  • It's perhaps no surprise that the Norwegian trend of ice bathing and saunas has also become extremely popular in Bergen.

  • Torfinn is one of many who regularly make use of the facilities.

  • "After a swim, it's lovely to step into the sauna and feel the heat," he says.

  • His granddaughter Rikke agrees. A brisk dip followed by a visit to the sauna definitely brings an energy boost to your day.

  • "I have a busy daily routine with work, but when I go there, I almost forget I've been at work. It's a proper 'recharge', where you feel like you're taking a break from your everyday life and entering a little holiday bubble," says Rikke.

  • Winter Swimming and DJ Sessions

    For a truly unique swimming experience, it's well worth visiting Nordnes Sjøbad during the winter months. There's something extraordinary about plunging into the warm water when the air temperature is below freezing.

  • Moreover, a visit to the sauna afterwards feels like a good reward.

  • If the heated pool or sauna doesn't keep you warm enough, Nordnes Sjøbad livens things up with a great atmosphere and the hottest beats during your winter swim. Every Thursday from 6:00 pm, there's a DJ playing, unless concerts are being held.

  • One enthusiast who always returns is Torfinn.

  • "I come here as often as I can, every week!"

Group of people enjoying the sauna at Nordnes Sjøbad in Bergen.DJ playing music outdoor at Nordnes Sjøbad in Bergen.

Nordnes Sjøbad


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