Jönköping is located beautifully along the southern shore of lake Vättern and is great to explore during a relaxing weekend away. Amazing nature experiences, interesting museums, wonderful sites for a swim and great shopping are just some of the things you can put down on your to-do-list for Jönköping. Below we have six suggestions for you!

morning lights hit jonkoping city

1. Play, culture and animals in Jönköping city park

Jönköping is Sweden's 10th largest city and is located next to lake Vättern in the idyllic county of Småland. The surroundings invite you to dense forests, glittering lakes and mighty mountains. The city planners have had a strong focus on creating beautiful parks and has thus brought the greenery right into the city centre. One of the absolute best parks in Jönköping is the Stadsparken where you’ll find Jönköping municipality's largest playground, several meadows with animals, a cafe, a miniature golf course as well as an open-air museum and a bird museum. A perfect place for an excursion for young and old alike!

2. Enjoy the delightful nature at Dumme Mosse


Hike along planked trails in what is sometimes called southern Sweden’s last wilderness.
Dumme Mosse is a beautiful nature reserve with amazing flora and fauna and a perfect site to visit for anyone who would like to come up close to nature in Småland. The trails are accessible during both summer and winter and there are several BBQ areas along the way where you can make a stop for a cup of coffee or to barbeque some sausage. Dumme Mosse is located 7 kilometres west of Jönköping and easy to reach by either bus or car. If you are staying at any of Jönköpings hotels simply ask the staff for some guidance and tips on good hiking trails!

3. Shop till you drop at Asecs

Shopping lovers will not be disappointed in Jönköping. The many shops around the city centre sell both local and famous brands. At modern shopping centre Asecs you’ll find shops, a food court and playgrounds, all under one roof. A perfect place to spend a rainy day or why not come here for your Christmas shopping and get all your Christmas gifts done in one go!

4. Test your team working skills at Escape House Jönköping

Something that has become incredibly popular is the so-called escape rooms. You and your co-players are locked into a room and your goal is to solve mysterious clues to break out before the time runs out. There are several different escape rooms at Escape House Jönköping where you and your team can use your combined skills to solve the codes and then escape. It’s a really fun tourist activity, an activity to do with the family or a group of friends! Why not do it as a company event and really put your team working skills to the test?

5. A visit to Tändsticksmuseet is a must when visiting Jönköping

Ettikett--collage--foto-Mons-Anner-EDITFoto: Mons Annér

One of the world’s three matchstick museums is located in Jönköping. Tändsticksmuseet is beautifully located at the shore of lake Vättern in an old wooden building dating back to 1848. Here you have an opportunity to learn about the people and the machines that introduced matchsticks to this world. As many as one third of Jönköping’s inhabitants worked here during the matchstick factory’s peak days. There are several buildings around the museum still intact from the old days, including the workers’ living quarters where you get insight to what life was like for the staff and their families.

Directly connected to the historic Tändstick area you will find our newest hotel in Jönköping, Quality Hotel™ Match. This 17 floor hotel offers a magical view of the Vättern lake, and is sure to establish itself as Jönköping’s new hotspot. Located only a short walk from here is Clarion Collection® Hotel Victoria, with its classical charm and conveniently situated close to an array of restaurants and shopping facilities.

6. Travel to Gränna and Visingsö

making of swedish polkagris in Granna JonkopingGränna has numerous bakeries, all with their own twist of the popular peppermint sweet, the Polkagris

If you plan to stay a little longer in Jönköping then a trip to Gränna and Visingsö is a really great excursion! Gränna is most famous for its characteristic, often cane shaped, peppermint candy. Many people who plan to visit the Polkagris-producing town choose to stay over in Jönköping as there is a greater selection of hotels and restaurants there. Small town Gränna is only about a 30 minutes’ drive from Jönköping and is a Swedish idyll with charming cobbled streets lined with polkagris-bakeries and shops filled with candies and lollipops. You can view the production through an internal glass window at many of these bakeries. In Gränna you should also take the opportunity and get on the boat across to Visingsö where you can enjoy arts, historical remains and beautiful scenery.

When you are back in Jönköping after a full day of excursion you will be eager to sit down for some nice food at any of the city’s restaurants. How about Vox Restaurang where you can discovery different Asian food cultures?

Tips on great accommodation in Jönköping


For those wanting to enjoy a relaxing hotel stay during the trip to Jönköping there are several nice hotels to choose from. Quality Hotel™ Match is a brand new hotel, located in close proximity to shopping facilities, restaurants, nightlife and sandy beaches. Clarion Collection® Hotel Victoria and Comfort Hotel® Jönköping are both at perfect locations in the middle of Jönköping, just a few minutes’ walk from the central station and with all the city’s attractions and entertainment just around the corner. Amazing Vox Hotel is also located in the middle of Jönköping and offers magic views over lake Vättern’s calm waters.

Jönköping is simply a perfect city for people who want to explore more Swedish sites and attractions, whilst staying overnight at a really good hotel. Welcome to this peaceful town on the southern shore of Lake Vättern!