Svalbard may not be the first summer destination to come to mind, since what can you do in Svalbard in the summer? North of Norway and only 100 miles from the North Pole lies the archipelago of Svalbard – the northernmost inhabited area of ​​the world. Here you will find untouched Arctic wilderness and unique wildlife, but also tasty restaurants and museums. There is a high degree of seasonal variation in Svalbard – in the summer the dark winter months are replaced by glorious sun that shines around the clock. Here we list some activities you must experience if you are planning on visiting Svalbard during the summer months!

Svalbard Funken Lodge – Dinner

The midnight sun – a surreal experience

To be able to experience the midnight sun in the best possible way, there are snowmobile, boat and hiking tours in Svalbard.

In the summer between May and August, the sun does not actually set in Svalbard. That means 24 hours of daylight per day for 130 days. Sound amazing? To enjoy the midnight sun in the best possible way, there are scooters, boats and hiking tours in Svalbard. There are several options, one of which is the tour operator, Better Moments. On their snowmobile excursion, you can go on a trip with a local guide to find the best route for that particular day. The allure of a snowmobile ride in the middle of the night in a sparkling snowy landscape in full daylight, causes many people to book this trip. The trip starts from Longyearbyen and takes you to Spitsbergen in a refreshing and delightful fashion.

Visit the abandoned Soviet mining town – boat or catamaran excursion to Pyramiden

Take a boat excursion and visit many of Svalbard’s abandoned mining towns.

Among the tall, mighty mountains and the huge Nordenskiöldis glacier lies the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden. Pyramiden is a majestic, brutally isolated and deserted city with empty buildings and a lot of history. It is beautifully situated in the Billefjord, and is a popular place to go on excursions. The possibilities for boat trips are huge – for example, you can choose a two-day trip by boat where you even go cycling and walking around the city. There are also day trips where you ride the catamaran through the fjord to Pyramiden. A wonderful alternative for those who want to experience mysterious glaciers, mining towns and exotic wildlife.

See amazing views on a dog sled tour

Enjoy stunning mountain views on a dog sled!

To see the amazing views Svalbard has to offer, we recommend a guided tour high up in the mountains where you can see the magnificent landscape. Snow-capped mountain peaks, glorious sunshine and fresh air combined with dramatic glaciers will be a memory that stays with you the rest of your life. You can choose the difficulty and ride length yourself – this two-day trip starts from Longyearbyen and offers extremely nice views. If you are in Svalbard in May and June and are interested in experiencing Svalbard in the company of four-legged friends, there are several alternatives for dog sledding. Poli Arctici takes you out in the snowmobile-free section outside Longyearbyen. Choose the trip that suits you and experience Svalbard in the best possible way!

Go kayaking in the Adventsfjord

Bring your family, friends or colleagues and kayak into the Adventsfjord.

If you like to kayak then Svalbard has wonderful opportunities and experiences to offer. For example, Hurtigruten Svalbard offers various packages where you can paddle along the Adventsfjord – one of the most historic fjords in Svalbard. Here you can paddle from the colourful Longyearbyen towards the ghost town of Hiorthamn while enjoying the view of the beautiful and exotic wilderness. In the summer months there are over 100 migratory birds on the islands, and it is not uncommon to encounter seals in the water. Kayaking is a great way to see Svalbard, and the skilled guides can help you maximize your experience.

Stay at Funken Lodge – modern comfort in historic surroundings

At Funken Lodge you get a typical Svalbardian experience in the middle of the Arctic metropolis of Longyearbyen.

If you think state of the art comfort in historic surroundings sounds ideal, then we recommend staying at the Funken Lodge hotel. Along with 88 premium rooms and suites, a world-class restaurant and cocktail bar, you can stay in a unique setting with magnificent panoramic views of Longyearbyen. The hotel also offers large conference facilities with capacity for 140 people – perfect for businesses and organisations. Naturally, you can relax beside the fireplace in the lounge and library or visit the gym and relaxation area.