Easter time is an "eggcellent" time to visit Svalbard, and in 2019 the midnight sun returns on Easter Friday. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the Norwegian Easter diet of oranges and chocolate, and the sun 24 hours a day! Here we share our top tips on what you can do on Svalbard during Easter.

Woman in ice cave on Svalbard
Midnight sun, northern lights, polar bears, and snowmobiling. Do you need more reasons to visit Svalbard?

Do you want to go whale watching, hunting for Northern Lights, or on an expedition? Or do you want to be a polar explorer like Amundsen and Nansen, and go as far north as possible? This and a lot more is awaiting on Svalbard.

Snow cat to an ice cave

This is a magical experience! Leaving from Longyearbyen in a snow cat, you drive up on the Longyear glacier. The ice cave is a melt water channel, dug out during the summer months from the water running beneath the glacier, and it becomes a frozen winter wonderland during the colder months. It goes deeper every summer, and changes from one year to the next – revealing a few more metres of ancient ice history. It is mystical to walk around with a headlamp, not knowing what’s around the next corner and – really – expecting a mammoth frozen in ice. Just to be clear, we haven’t seen one yet, but you never know what the cave will look like next year!

Sightseeing around Longyearbyen

svalbard-polar-bear-sign-winter.jpg Did you know that there is approx. 2,600 people that live on Svalbard, and 3000 polar bears?

The local taxi company runs a great two hour guided tour, and this is the perfect way to get an introduction to Longyearbyen, its history and the surrounding area. The guide will take you on most of the 44 kilometres of road that there are in Longyearbyen, and you’ll head up to Mine 7, Hotellneset, the Global Seed Vault and Nybyen at the top of the Longyear valley. Guests are often rewarded with a view of the local Svalbard reindeer, and you’ll learn more about the attractions, flora, fauna and landscape throughout the tour.

Into the wilderness with dog sledge

Dogsledding on SvalbardThe wild Svalbard nature is an experience of a lifetime. Photo: Hurtigruten Svalbard/Agurtxane Concellon

Dog sledding is one of the most popular activities on Svalbard. The huskies are completely focused on pulling the sled through the snow, and you can enjoy the magical landscape around you. There are no birds or motors here, and it is completely silent - quite unique, particularly for those who live in busy cities. The weather can be wild or wonderful, and is something that we can’t control, but that’s the beauty of it. The experienced guides will tell you all about the polar dogs and their lives.

Snowmobiling to the Temple fjord

This is a great snowmobile trip through typical Svalbardlandscape. The trip starts in Longyearbyen and continues out through the Advent valley to the banks of the Sassen fjord and the trapper Hilmar Nøis' residence, Villa Fredheim. It’s easy terrain and great for people without so much snowmobile experience, at the same time as you get to experience a lot of the beautiful Svalbard nature and wildlife.
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Stay at Funken Lodge

Fireplace Funken Lodge Funken Lodge offers 88 modern and comfortable rooms.

We are certain you will quickly see why Funken Lodge has become many travellers’ favourite hotel on Svalbard. The historical hotel has magnificent views over Longyearbyen, and up towards the Lars- and Longyear glaciers. The cosy atmosphere provides a tranquil base to relax in after an eventful day outdoors. You can find a snug spot in front of the fire, and gain new inspiration from our library filled with Polar literature. Or perhaps a cocktail from Funken Bar? All the rooms are handsomely furnished, and our friendly staff will ensure a perfect stay. Welcome to a home away from home in the Arctic!

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Experience fine dining at Funktionærmessen Restaurant

Funktionærmessen Restaurant at Funken Lodge Enjoy an award-winning dining experience Funktionærmessen Restaurant.

It was here at Funktionærmessen Restaurant that the mining company’s office workers enjoyed their meals – and the panoramic outlook over Longyearbyen, the Hiorth mountain and Longyear glacier. Inspired by an international kitchen, and the best produce available, the restaurant provides a culinary experience which is unmatched in Longyearbyen. King crab from Finnmark, dry-aged beef and local reindeer are amongst the culinary highlights. Combine the great food with the exceptional views over the town and surrounding mountains and glaciers.
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