For us, every meeting is special. A meeting between two colleagues who inspire each other to new, brilliant ideas, or the meeting among hundreds of workmates who suddenly share the same vision.

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We care about the meetings and interactions between you and us - moments that matter.

At Quality Hotel, each team member’s personality shines through which is reflected in the work we do. We love to offer that little extra something, so our guests can sit back, be together and spend time on everyday moments – the ones that really matter. Our more than 60 hotels in the Nordic region are unique in their own ways, but common to them all is the nice, warm atmosphere and our personal approach to each guest. That is exactly what makes a visit to our hotels unique.

Your success is our success. Our goal is for you to shine as a star after a successful event – regardless of size. Your guests are our guests, and we promise to do everything in our power for you to leave your event with valuable memories and enriched experiences.

Quality Hotel Conference people

Always at Quality Hotel

We know that no two guests are alike, and neither are conferences! A visit to one of our hotels should be both a physical and emotional experience, which is why it’s not a coincidence that we offer the following:

Service-crew with a twinkle in their eye

Ready, steady... Ready! We organised everything ahead of your arrival. Our service-crew will always ensure you are well looked after during your visit. The only thing you need to think about is your presentation!

Technology that excites you, not exhausts you

“Is there a technician in the room?” We know how frustrating it is when technology gets in the way of tactics. You shouldn’t have to mess around with the cabling unless that’s the purpose of the conference: to mess around with the cabling. We ensure that everything is in its place and working properly!

Playful meetings

A conference without laughter is a conference without memories. We believe the whole experience is enhanced with social activities and enjoyable moments together. How about challenging each other in a game of shuffleboard? Or taking the discussions a bit further with FuelBox? We have lots of games and various fun activities up our sleeve – whatever suits you and your participants. It’s really simple: Come as colleagues, leave as buddies!

Lots of breaks that make you pop

Do you ever think back to the times when no one cared if you got ice-cream all over your face? Or when you pressed your nose against the glass of the popcorn machine and eagerly waited for the next POP? That’s what it’s like to be a conference guest at our hotels! Here you can help yourself to soft ice-cream and have as many servings as you like, all while the popcorn machine is popping steadily nearby!

Q-Free check-in

You live in a modern world and expect things to be efficient – and efficiency you will get! With Q-Free check-in the key to the room is waiting for you. No need to worry! DONE!

Psssssst: Many of our hotels have mobile keys. Ask us which hotels have them and how they work – it’s really cool!

Quality Hotel popcorn time

Four simple steps

A conference often involves a great deal of planning and choices to consider. No worries, we are here to help!

This conference guide takes you on a journey where the objective is to create the most successful and memorable conference possible. Before we start, we’d like you to consider what it is you expect from your conference here at our hotel:

  • What type of expectations do you and your participants have?

  • What is important to you?

  • What impressions should the participants take away from the conference?

Are you ready? Let’s get started! Here are four simple steps that will help you tailor your needs and requirements.


How long are you staying?
No two conferences are alike. Occasionally you may only need a meeting room, while on other occasions a conference may span over several days. There are a multitude of opportunities, and we are always here to help you!


What type of space do you need?
Let’s be honest: a meeting room is not just a meeting room, right? The room size and best seating arrangement depends on the purpose of your meeting. We are experts at this. Let us help you find the most optimal solution!


What would you like to eat and drink?
Energy out, information in? We don’t think so! The participants will not function if they don’t get enough to eat and drink. It’s important to fill up your energy reserves for your mind to be able to digest new information. We believe in frequent and regular breaks with replenishment of tasty food and drinks to keep you going though the day. It’s pretty simple: energy in, information in


How would you like to sleep?
Some people enjoy time on their own, whilst others never get enough of honest debate about everything under the sun and don’t stop until the early hours. To say the least, we know everything about a good night’s sleep! We will help you find a room that suits your needs and requirements, whether you are a night owl, or like to be up at the break of day.

Quality Hotel Meetings talking group

Conference experiences at new heights

Wait, there’s more! To ensure your experience and stay with us reach new heights, we recommend you take a look at our add- on packages: extra fun, extra prepared and extra tasty. Each of them will lift your event another notch – knock your socks off!

Extra fun:

Energetic unity!

How high do you want to climb in search of new heights? How about a pentathlon in our Q-Zone or a music quiz? Even higher? How about building a spaghetti tower? What about a shuffleboard tournament, orienteering, karaoke, or a few short energising exercises? We have lots of experience, and we love to share it! Contact us and we will help you tailor your event to surprise and entertain your guests a little extra.

Inspiring suggestions for entertainment!

Wait, you haven’t finished all your jokes for your stand-up set yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes it’s comforting to let somebody else take care of the job. Ask us for input and tips on entertainment and inspiring speakers to finish off your conference with a fun, inspiring and enjoyable KICK! Through our collaborators we guarantee inspiration and fun moments for you and your guests!

Quality Hotel Shuffleboard
Pssssst! Did you know that most of our hotels have shuffleboard? It is free to use and we guarantee a great atmosphere!

Extra prepared:

Our style!

We don’t act like experts - we are. By purchasing this kit you get to surprise your guests with everything they need for the conference so they can focus on what’s really important: the meeting, both social and professional! You can call it the necessity kit for creating good memories that lasts.

Quality Hotel Conference kit

Your style!

Let us be honest: everything looks better with a personal touch! Like your company’s logo, for instance. By purchasing this kit, we will help you transform everything into your style! Your wish is our command. The best part: it does not have to be that complicated! Send us your logo and text preference and let us do the rest!

Quality Hotel Conference-kit your style

Extra tasty:

We help you along the way during your long working days with some energizing fuel: crispy, sweet, salt and refreshingly cold! Surprise your colleagues by purchasing some of these delicious kits in the meeting room or at their hotel room after a long day.

Quality Hotel Conference add ons