What happens when the most famous restaurant in the world closes? René Redzepi, owner of Noma that has been named world's best restaurant five times, recently announced that the restaurant will be closing its doors in 2024. But those seeking great culinary experiences in Copenhagen need not worry – here is a guide to other fabulous restaurants in the Danish capital!

Fine Dining
Copenhagen is home to several of the best restaurants in Denmark and indeed the world!


Geranium was ranked top on the list of the world's best restaurants by Fine Dining Lovers 2022. The restaurant is run by chef Rasmus Kofoed, who was named the world's best chef in 2011 and is one of the most celebrated chefs in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or cooking competition. If the world’s cooking competition thinks he’s one of the best, we do too! Geranium strives to present food that involve all senses. The vision is to serve food with gastronomic clarity and diversity. Geranium is the first restaurant in Denmark to be awarded three Michelin stars.



If you like organic and Nordic food this is definitely worth a visit. Claus Meyer, leading force behind the New Nordic Cuisine Movement and co-founder of Noma, opened Restaurant Radio together with two younger chef colleagues in Copenhagen 2011. Since opening, the restaurant has changed its menus every month to reflect the great variety of seasonal produce available with exciting new flavour combinations. Thanks to collaboration with several local suppliers, diners can look forward to the very best seasonal Danish produce here.



If we had to categorize, this is a fish restaurant. But if we are creatively descriptive, it is in fact a modern style seafood bar. The dishes come out fresh, healthy and delicious with careful though to presentation and style. Besides quality seafood, Fiskebaren always looking for good local ingredients to complement their dishes. You can eat at the bar, relax in the sofas, or dine at tables at this trendy spot in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen. If the weather permits, you can eat outside in the loveliest evening sun.


Despite having what seems like very little real interior decoration, restaurant Høst has already taken home three international design awards, including the award for World’s Best Designed Restaurant at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. As part of Cofoco, an extremely popular eatery that stands for Copenhagen Food Consulting, Høst is quickly becoming a top contender in bringing Scandinavian soul and simplicity into its food and obviously, decor. Cofoco restaurants have an emphasis on simple and convenient, but with quality. Other restaurants in the group include Restaurant Cofoco, VespaSpuntinoScarpetta RantzausgadeScarpetta Islands BryggeOysters & GrillLes Trois Cochons and Llama.


Marv & ben

Marv & Ben (which means Marrow & Bone) focuses on Danish cuisine and is located in the beautiful medieval cobblestone street of Snaregade. As they get their ingredients from their own garden at Hanebjerggård in Nordsjælland, the menu varies with the season to make sure only the freshest ingredients are used. Put simply, the food served here is down to earth and unpretentious. Added bonus: when it comes to organic and biodynamic wines, they know their stuff.


Alchemist is a great choice for food lovers seeking a unique dining experience. With Rasmus Munk at the helm, this two Michelin star restaurant pushes the boundaries of classic fine dining. The food is described as "Holistic Cuisine" and incorporates elements from the world of gastronomy, theatre and art, as well as science, technology and design. In this way, Alchemist creates a multi-layered dramaturgical experience that transcends time and space. Come here to experience something truly extraordinary!

Alchemist - Restaurant in Copenhagen_16_9Photo: Søren Gammelmark

Kiin Kiin

If you have a penchant for Asian cuisine, then don’t miss Kiin Kiin, one of the few Thai restaurants to be awarded a Michelin star – just six months after opening. Come here to enjoy gourmet Thai cuisine in a cosy and modern setting with a unique selection of wines. The fabulous 8-course menu takes you on a culinary journey, commencing in the downstairs lounge with dishes and a vibe reminiscent of authentic Thai street food. Upstairs the journey continues with modern interpretations of traditional Thai cooking methods and ingredients.