A Swedish culinary talent's best insider tips for Stockholm

Chef Frida Ronge (38) is behind some of Stockholm's coolest and best gourmet menus. But where does she eat herself? Here, she reveals her favourite spots. 

Frida Ronge plating a fish dish at restaurant TAK in Stockholm.
  • "Astoria is a recently launched restaurant with an international vibe," says Frida Ronge.

  • The Swedish chef knows what good food is and where you should book a table.

  • She is responsible for putting Nordic-Japanese dishes on the map with the restaurants VRÅ in Gothenburg, and TAK Stockholm and TAK Oslo. At both of the latter locations, you'll also find Izakaya, an informal street food and cocktail bar.

  • Frida is known for conjuring up creative and delicious dishes with seafood sourced from the Nordics, combined with Japanese flavours and techniques. Sustainability, quality ingredients, and a seasonal focus are three key elements in her work.

  • The award-winning chef serves extraordinary dining experiences with fantastic views at location where executives rub shoulders with groups of friends and couples on their first date.

  • But where does the chef dine out herself? We did a quick Q&A with Frida and managed to get her to reveal a few of her secret favourites.

Here are six of the best spots in Stockholm, according to Frida Ronge:

Best breakfast?

"I love Pom & Flora. It's often crowded here on weekends, but it's a fantastic café with locations in Söder, the city centre, and Vasastan."

On the menu, you'll find banana bread, Danish rye bread, a variety of bowls, and freshly squeezed juices.

Address: Bondegatan 64, Odengatan 39 and Rörstrandsgatan 34

Best fika?

"Lillebrors Bageri on Rörstrandsgatan. They make absolutely lovely buns. Definitely the best cinnamon buns I've tasted. And their semlor (cream filled buns) in February are incredible."

The bakery is open all week, except Mondays.

Address: Rörstrandsgatan 10

Best dinner?

"I'd recommend Astoria. It's a nice restaurant on Nybrogatan started by Björn Frantzen. A large brasserie with an international vibe."

On the menu, you'll find exciting dishes like Oyster Rockefeller (spinach, Västerbotten cheese, pickled fennel, and aquavit), Moules à la créme (jalapeno aioli, champagne cream, grilled onion oil, parsley, and fries), and you why not indulge with coconut and pineapple ice cream with pistachios and mint for dessert?

Astoria focuses on international glamour and also has a bar and DJ.

Address: Nybrogatan 15

Out of curiosity – what would you never order and what do you always order at a restaurant?

"I never order foie gras, which is goose liver. And I always order dishes with rice if the restaurant has them on the menu."

Best place to unwind?

"One hundred percent Sturebadet. It's both an incredible spa and a historic bathhouse. Here, you can exercise and get a massage. Plus, it's located right on Stureplan."

Address: Sturegallerian 36

If you love spas but want something that stands out, Selma City Spa in the heart of Stockholm is cool. A real New York feeling in Sweden. The spa and wellness centre is located at the Clarion Hotel ® Sign and has a rooftop pool and city views. In winter, the pool is heated, and in summer, it's the perfect place to hang out with friends for music, a drink, and cool events. You can also get treatments and work out there.

Address: Östra Järnvägsgatan 35

What's your best tip in general?

"In the summer, I recommend Rosendals Trädgårdar. It's an incredibly beautiful place in Djurgården with an orchard, apple groves, a café, and a farm. Why not rent a bike and cycle there? Make sure to visit the shop Svensk Tenn at Strandvägen 5 for those who are interested. They also have a fantastic café in the middle of the shop."

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