There is nothing as great as a hotel breakfast. Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a stroll down to a breakfast already prepared for you with countless treats and beverages. This is an unbeatable luxury, which is why we are listing Sweden’s top hotel breakfasts here!

Breakfast at Clarion Hotel
A great start with this breakfast at Clarion Hotel

The breakfast buffet is included at all the hotels mentioned. When eating with us you can be sure that the coffee is Fair trade and organic, all the eggs are organic and we do not use any bad palm oil. Take a look at the breakfast prices below if you want to come by for a great morning. See you there!

Taste Stockholm’s finest omelette!

For those who love to view a beautiful buffet while having the opportunity to get an omelette on demand, Clarion Hotel® Sign in Stockholm is the place for you. This large breakfast buffet is filled with tasty and organic options. We also have an omelette chef who prepares fresh omelettes on request. This is the perfect place to spend long mornings sipping on coffee and flipping through the newspaper!

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Freshly made pancakes and everything you could wish for, in the center of Gothenburg

The breakfast buffet at Clarion Hotel® Post in Gothenburg leaves you wanting for nothing. Here you can stroll among fresh bread, delicious Fair trade coffee and a number of other treats such as ready made pancakes. Yummy! This generous breakfast buffet is completely free of palm oil and contains many organic products. No need to worry, you will not leave this place hungry and you are also guaranteed to enjoy a nice morning here

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Malmö, for those who love options!

If you visit or live in Malmö, you have many options to choose from. Clarion Hotel® Malmö Live serves a breakfast that fits all types of visitors. Here you will find a number of goodies for a typical business, weekend or health-conscious breakfast. In addition, there are a variety of vegan options for those who prefer this. Here you can also request a customized omelette from the on-site chef.

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Foto: Clarion Hotel®

The best organic breakfast in Umeå

At Clarion Collection® Hotel Uman you will find Umeå’s best organic breakfast. Choose from a countless selection of Fair trade products and goodies such as fruit, cereal, eggs, juices and coffee. Come here to unwind and relax over a long and luxurious breakfast. This breakfast buffet is very popular in Umeå and something you really do not want to miss out on.

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A healthy breakfast in Linköping

If you are one of those who love to enjoy a nice bite to eat while also valuing quality and healthy options, the breakfast buffet at Quality Hotel™ The Box in Linköping is the perfect choice for you. The signature of this generous breakfast is its selection of nutritious and organic products. Like our other breakfast buffets, the choices are endless and you can taste goodies like scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh bread, cereal, coffee and more. Treat yourself to a fantastic visit at Quality Hotel The Box’s breakfast buffet!

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A delicious plate at Quality Hotel™ The Box. Photo: @elinaloob

The cozy lobby at Quality Hotel™ The Box.

Wonderful ocean view in Kalmar

Try Kalmars best breakfast at Clarion Collection® Hotel Packhuset and take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful ocean view at the same time! Among very friendly staff members and delicious coffee, you can treat yourself to an amazing hotel breakfast. There is something for everyone. Choose from scrambled eggs, charcuterie, juices, cereal, fresh bread and a variety of sandwich meats – welcome to Kalmar!

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Uppsala offers a world class breakfast!

If you live in, or happen to stop by, Uppsala, you should take the opportunity to pay a visit to the breakfast buffet at Clarion Hotel® Gillet. Take a seat in our very cozy dining room and enjoy Uppsala’s tastiest breakfast. Here is something for all taste buds. Quality and variation are key for this buffet, which is filled with organic goodies!

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All hotels welcome guests based upon availability. Contact the hotel before your visit to make sure there are still seats available.