Danish smørrebrød at a restaurant in Copenhagen.

Kate and Helge's top tips for a city break in Copenhagen

Kate and Helge never venture to a city without having done thorough research on what to eat and see during their trip. They have seven concrete tips on how to have the best experiences – this time in Denmark's capital.

  • "Yes, they have one table left!" Kate Kollvangsnes virtually shouts in delight to her husband, Helge.

  • It's Saturday, and the doors of the time-honoured and popular restaurant Aamanns 1921 have opened for lunch. Kate and Helge managed to snag the last available table. But only due to a freshly made cancellation.

  • "Feeling lucky now?" we ask the couple, as they sit down, gleeful and excited.

  • "Yes, we've been really keen to visit this place," they say, both grinning broadly.

  • "But it's not easy to get a table, you have to be early. And we took a chance."

  • It's a chance that has now paid off for Kate and Helge.

Traditional Smørrebrød with a Modern Twist in Copenhagen

At Aamanns 1921, you are immediately greeted by light, modern design, high ceilings, terrazzo flooring, light materials and impressive brass chandeliers. The beautiful room also has old stone pillars and church-like arches. Much like the restaurant's interior, the smørrebrød (open face sandwiches) and dinner dishes are prepared in a modern style with traditional ingredients, in an aesthetic manner.

Aamanns has always been loved by Copenhageners for its laid-back, yet ambitious style. It's also received recognition for redefining the classic smørrebrød – but always with respect for the ingredients and flavours.

"Mmmm," murmurs Helge to Kate.

He tucks into the first smørrebrød with herring, egg, leek, and creamy beetroot salad on top of homemade rye bread.

"It looks so simple, but the flavours work so well together," he says.

Classic danish smørrebrød at restaurant in Copenhagen.

Googling all the recommendations

They've ordered several classic smørrebrød with a variety of fish, prawns, chicken fricassee, and beetroot, accompanied by craft beer and snaps from Aamanns. Here, the focus is on local ingredients. All the way.

Kate challenges her taste buds and nods in agreement with her husband.

  • "I always spend a good amount of time researching when I visit a city. I google page after page, check different recommendations and also ask friends and acquaintances, whether it's a hotel or a restaurant we're going to visit."

  • "I try to find good tips that also fit our budget," says Kate.

  • We ask Kate why this is so important to her, as she samples some prawns elegantly arranged on a brioche bread with oysters and lemon mayo.

  • "We want our culinary experiences to be part of the trip. When you come across gems like Aamanns 1921, you get more value from both the journey and the stay. It creates memories and good topics of conversation long after we've come home."

How to Find the Good Spots in Copenhagen

Kate has seven great tips for how to navigate the jungle of reviews, blogs, travel magazines, and social media to find the gems you want to see, taste and experience.

1. Planning:

Start by setting aside a couple of hours one evening well before your trip. Talk with your significant other about what you want to experience and eat. Then make a simple, but specific list of some points. The earlier you book, the easier it is to have your wishes fulfilled.

2. Research:

A few quick keystrokes on Google open up a world of possibilities. Read what magazines, travel portals and other media say about the place and location. You'll often find a bit of everything in a travel article, which can help you make choices, or discover new places you hadn't thought of.

3. Check the websites:

Go directly to the websites of the places on your list. They often have enough information and pictures to make the decision easier to make. Then make your reservation. Most places don't charge for this, and it's nice to have something set before you travel to a city like Copenhagen.

4. Is it Full?

Call directly or send an email to the place or restaurant and ask them to put you on a waiting list. Cancellations do happen.

5. Ask the Hotel Concierge:

At Strawberry or other hotel chains, they can help you call, book, or check out alternatives. The hotel is very keen to ensure you have as good a stay as possible.

6. Inspiration:

On social media, you can follow travel bloggers, or those who post cool food pictures and destinations on Instagram or Facebook. This can inspire the choices you want to make.

7. Visit the Place Directly:

The worst thing you can get is a no, or you can get lucky like we did at Aamanns 1921, where there was just one table available.

"Try to avoid making decisions on the fly. Yes, you might be lucky and stumble upon a great place, but more often than not, you'll be disappointed. Invest some time and research before you travel, and you'll create new and unforgettable experiences for a lifetime," says Kate.

If you follow these tips, Kate and Helge are convinced that your trip will be much better.

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