The Finns are certainly known for being passionate about food and they are very loyal to their culinary roots. Despite quite a few odd dishes, there are some things you really do need to try! Here are 7 of them.

Food on table and plate in Finland
Finnish food is simple, natural and a wonderful fusion of Nordic and Russian cuisine
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The food courts and markets in Finland are full of tasty dishes, local delicacies and seasonal produce that we really think you must try at least once!

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What is it? Bread cheese or Finnish squeaky cheese

Juustoleipä is a typical dessert from northern Finland. You’ll find the cheese in all local grocery stores, and all you need to do is heat it in a pan and top it with stirred cloudberries. And a nice cup of coffee of course!

Finland: finnish food bread cheeseBread cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a very unique consistency, but really is a must-try for all those with a sweet tooth. Photo: Soili Jussila/Visit Finland


What is it? Classic Finnish rye bread

Regardless of whether you’re staying at a fancy hotel in Helsinki or at a café in the village of Tampere, you’ll always find Finnish rye bread made from sourdough at breakfast! Perhaps you can even compare the various local rye breads if you’re exploring any other Nordic countries.

Finnish rye bread


What is it? Creamy salmon soup

Creamy. Delicious. Salmon soup. Need we say more?

Finland: finnish fish soup There is a huge variety of this absolute classic, but essentially lohikeitto is a delicious fish soup med with cream, salmon, potatoes and vegetables. Enjoy with a slice of rye bread!


What is it? Karelian pasties/pies

Karelian pasties are the Finnish equivalent of pizza in Italy. These tasty delicacies are made from pastry and filled with mashed potato or rice pudding. Traditionally they are eaten with egg butter or other toppings. The café [Konditoria Hopia]( Helsinki has been making fresh pastries every day since 1949, so head there if you fancy one!

Finland food: karelian pies


What is it? Sautéed reindeer

Finns enjoy reindeer meat all throughout the year. This classic is not just popular in Finland, but also in other Nordic countries, though with local variations. In Finland, the reindeer meat is thinly sliced and sautéed in water, cream or beer and served with mashed potato, picked cucumber and cranberry sauce. You can try truly authentic poronkäristys at Restauarant Aino in Helsinki.

Finland: reindeer dish finnish food


What is it? Blood dumpling soup

If you’re not a fan of blood sausage or the like, then you should probably steer clear of mykyrokka, a soup made from potatoes, onion, liver, salt, pepper, and of course dumplings made from blood. This dish is a local delicacy in the Savonia in Finland, so keep an eye out for it on the menus if you’re heading there.

We didn’t think everyone would appreciate a picture of this dish…!


Licorice candy in a bowl Did you know that the 12 April is international liquorice day?

What is it? Salty liquorice

Salmiakki is perhaps the best known of all of the seemingly odd Finnish delicacies! This liquorice is flavoured with salmiak salt (ammonium chloride). It’s so popular in Finland that you’ll find sweets, alcohol, milkshakes, sauces, ice cream, cakes and muffins (…) flavoured with salmiakki. People say that you can only really enjoy the taste if you’ve had it since childhood, but we say try it and see what you think!

Now that you’ve read about these mouth-wateringly delicious delicacies, go ahead and book yourself a trip to Finland to try them. View our hotels in Helsinki here.

Summer field during sunset in the nordics.

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