Fredrikstad may not be the first city you think of when we say "culinary Mecca" - but allow us to convince you! Here you will find 6 taste-bud-enticing reasons to visit beautiful Fredrikstad.

Starters at Slippen Fredrikstad
Photo: Slippen

Rare food at St. Raw


  • Type of food: Asian fusion/Japanese Outdoor seating and takeaway

  • Suitable for: Couples, families, small groups

  • Price range: Middle/high

St. Raw is a super-popular sushi and Asian fusion restaurant in Fredrikstad. The eatery is known for serving splendidly fresh fish and delicious flavour-combinations. The room is small and intimate, so not ideal for bringing an entire department from work to. The good news is that they have takeaway, so you can instead always order food for when you’re working overtime!

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Italian temperament at Villa Paradiso Fredrikstad


  • Type of food: Italian

  • Suitable for: Groups, couples, business, families

  • Price range: Middle/high

If you're not in the mood for seafood, you'll find Villa Paradiso Fredrikstad just a few metres away from St. Raw. Here you can get absolutely fantastic and authentic Italian pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, and every Thursday they organise a truly Italian evening with live music. The place is well suited for groups, there is plenty of space and atmosphere here.

Did you know that …
Villa Paradiso started as one of Oslo’s many restaurants, and Fredrikstad’s is the first restaurant they have opened outside the capital. Lucky Fredrikstad!

Flames, smoke and meat at Køl


  • Type of food: BBQ, American, Korean, Latin American

  • Suitable for: Groups, families, work

  • Price range: High

Restaurant Køl offers grilled dishes of all kinds. Here you can have Korean, Latin American and American inspired barbecue dishes prepared over charcoal grills in a masterful way. In true BBQ style, you first select the piece of meat, then select from a selection of sides. The large selection of tasty sides means that vegetarians can also find something here. The food is both fun and incredibly good – we’re talking umami in large quantities here!

If you stay at a central hotel in Fredrikstad you are right next to both Køl and most other good restaurants in town!

Seafood at Slippen

sommerbildeSLIPPEN Edit Beautiful in the winter, perfect in the summer!Photo: Slippen

  • Type of food: Nordic fusion

  • Suitable for: Groups, families, work

  • Price range: High

Restaurant Slippen will tempt you with its large and varied à la carte menu focusing on fish and seafood. This is a nice place with well-composed dishes and wine packages. Cegetarians and vegans are warmly welcomed, but please contact us in advance to allow yourself the optimal dining experience. Ps. Buy the restaurant's own bread and butter as a great gift to take home when you are on a weekend trip or business trip to Fredrikstad!

Large portions and lots of taste at Mother India


  • Type of food: Indian and Asian

  • Suitable for: Groups, families

  • Price range: Middle

Mother India is a big favourite amongst the Fredrikstad locals, and this is not surprising because you simply get delicious North Indian food in generous portions. We are talking about creamy sauces, fluffy naans, tender meat and wonderful vegetarian dishes - and everything is seasoned to perfection. Here they also have a system of 6 different degrees of spicy, so you can order dishes that are perfectly adapted to your palate.

A trip to Spain at Delicatessen Fredrikstad

Delicatessen Fredrikstad Photo: Paul Paiewonsky

  • Type of food: Spanish, tapas

  • Suitable for: Groups, families, work, couples

  • Price range: Middele/high

Delicatessen Fredrikstad is a tapas restaurant that really takes its ingredients seriously. Here you will find tapas classics such as albóndigas and patatas bravas, but also exciting variations with Norwegian ingredients. The best part is that everything is incredibly tasty. Delicatessen is a must for anyone who enjoys tapas and foods with strong flavours!