Is the travel budget tight? Pretend to be in Mexico, Spain, Italy or Japan at one of the many wonderful international restaurants in Sandefjord. Fake it till you make it!

Restaurant D4 in Sandefjord Tapas on table

Travel to Mexico at Mønsj Street Food

Taco-dish-at-monsj-in-sandefjordThe Norwegians love Mexican food, so why not try something authentic at wonderful Mønsj? Photo: Mønsj

  • Cuisine: Mexican/vegetarian
  • Suitable for: groups of friends/After Work/take away
  • Price range: low

We are committed to cook simple, authentic food that most of us enjoy -Kristoffer Halvorsen.

From food truck to restaurant, Mønsj Street Food is located at street Storgata in the centre of Sandefjord. Perfect when heading back to the hotel after an evening at one of Sandefjord’s bars. Here you can enjoy great, spicy Mexican street food made from scratch. Note that all the tempting main courses also are available as vegetarian versions. We like it!

I am passionate about food - Mexican food - and have for long had a dream of setting up my own food truck. I bought a small food truck and had it as a hobby project in parallel to my daily work as a sales representative. The response was amazing, and we had an incredible number of bookings. The demand was that big I had to employ people and even purchase another food truck!

  • Kristoffer Halvorsen.

Top class tapas at Restaurant D4

Restaurant d4 in Sandefjord tapas Restaurant D4 has taken it all the way and employed Spanish chefs and waiters. THAT’S impressive. Photo: Restaurant D4

  • Cuisine: Spanish/tapas
  • Suitable for: After Work/groups of friends/romantic dinners
  • Price range: low/medium

This pleasant restaurant is located on the street Dronningens gate, only five minutes from elegant Clarion Collection® Hotel Atlantic. At Restaurant D4 you find small Spanish dishes, better known as tapas. And the Norwegians love tapas! But what we love the most about D4, are the affordable prices.

The menu consists of a selection of delicious and playfully created small dishes from only NOK 295 per person. We are talking about tapas classics such as patatas bravas, albondigas and pimientos del padron. Beat that if you can!

Our concept is Spanish tapas with a great selection of delectable Spanish tapas dishes on our menu. Our chefs and waiters are Spanish, to make the cuisine and experience as authentic as possible. - Kjell Arne Osvoll.

Psst! Order croquetas if you haven’t tried them before – a tasty Spanish favourite that everyone loves!

Get down with it at Groovy Diner

Groovy-Diner-Sandefjord-restaurant-bar Put on your leather jacket, style your hair with pomade and sit down for dinner!

  • Cuisine: American
  • Suitable for: groups of friends/families/After Work/take away
  • Price range: low/medium

At Groovy Diner, located just at Sandefjord pier, you get to experience a cool retro interior and all the typical dishes; ribs, burgers, pancakes and not least milkshakes. Order an authentic «five dollar shake» and play out your Pulp Fiction fantasies with a friend. A great atmosphere guaranteed!

Vincent: That’s a pretty fing good milkshake. Mia: Told ya. Vincent: I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars, but it’s pretty fin’ good.

Fresh seafood and tempura vegetables at Fuji sushi

fuji-sushi-plate-stockQuick, yummy and healthy. What else can you ask for?

  • Cuisine: Japanese/sushi
  • Suitable for: take away
  • Price range: low

Fuji is a budget-friendly favourite among Sandefjord folks. Here you can enjoy great maki, nigiri and ready-made sushi platters with several different sushi, and also interesting versions like kaburimaki and kids-friendly frites ’n stick. Fuji is the perfect place to buy take away to bring to the hotel room when you just want to kick back and relax.

La Scala – with Sandefjord’s best location

hvalstek-LaScala-edtWhen in whaling town Sandefjord, it’s almost a must to try the exotic Norwegian delicacy whale steak

  • __ Cuisine:__ Italian/Nordic/European
  • Suitable for: groups/families/After Work
  • Price range: high

La Scala is an Italian inspired restaurant with a spectacular location and outdoor dining area at the very end of Brygge 5. Here you can indulge in delicious Italian-inspired dishes and seafood in a stylish, but still cosy environment. This is a perfect place to have dinner with your workmates after a meeting or a conference. They are guaranteed to be impressed by food and views alike!

A little piece of China at Chili

Chili-szechuan-stockThe food is exciting and varied at Chili

  • Cuisine: Chinese/Szechuan/Cantonese
  • Suitable for: families/big and small groups/After Work
  • Price range: midium/high

At pleasant Chili they serve a large range of dishes from the exciting and varied Chinese food culture, and at a great location in the centre of Sandefjord. Their speciality is Szechuan cuisine, but they also have many Cantonese specialities on the menu. We recommend Peking Duck, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes that’s always a winner.

There’s no place like home – Nordic and local at Kokeriet

Fiskesuppe-kokeriet-stock-edt If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for

  • Cuisine: Nordic/European
  • Suitable for: groups/After Work/romantic dinners
  • Price range: high

Right next to Groovy Diner, further out on the pier, you’ll find the elegant Kokeriet. The restaurant is inspired by Sandefjord’s important whaling industry and a visit can preferably be combined with a tour of former whaling boat MS Southern Actor, which today is a museum. Here you can indulge in the most delicious dishes made from Norwegian ingredients, a separate bar with refreshing drinks and not least a large outdoor area with amazing views.

It wouldn’t be right to leave Sandefjord without tasting the local specialities, which – not surprising – is whale. At Kokeriet you can try whale from sustainable fishing with the best seasonal side dishes. Perhaps not the most politically correct dinner, but who are we to judge?

Psst! Kokeriet is very popular during peak season, so make sure to call ahead and book a table.

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