Delicious food and drinks are often at the top of the to-do list for visitors in Riga. Here are 12 tips with Riga’s most popular restaurants!

Otroligt inbjudande desserter på restaurangen  3 Pavāru restorāns.
The presentation of the food is a major part of the entire experience at 3 Pavāru restorāns. Photo: 3 Pavāru restorāns

Yes, it’s true what they say. Food and drinks are generally much cheaper in Latvia and we foodies are able to treat ourselves to fine dining restaurants – without going bankrupt.

We help you navigate through Riga’s restaurant jungle with 12 restaurant tips and a bonus tip if you visit Riga in summer!

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#1 Lido – the restaurant chain with generous buffets

Restaurant chain Lido is known for serving delicious, affordable, Latvian food. They offer a great selection and good value for money. The ambiance is pleasant and family-friendly. Perhaps not the first choice if you’re going out for a romantic dinner for two but perfect for a good lunch or a more casual dinner out.

Lido has several restaurants around Riga. Below is the address to the largest.

Restaurant: Lido

Cuisine: Classic Latvian

Where: Krasta iela 76

#2 Riviera – Mediterranean food at its best

Seafood, antipasti, entrecôte, tartare, carpaccio… Do we ever get tired of Mediterranean cuisine? Nah, didn’t think so. Restaurant Riviera combines the best from Italy, Spain, France and Greece and complete their menu with a wine list where only the best is good enough. And good luck with choosing your dessert. Just sayin’.

Remember to make a reservation ahead to not miss out on this Mediterranean gem!

Restaurant: Riviera

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Where: Dzirnavu iela 31

#3 Vincents – star-studded fine dining restaurant

Today, restaurant Vincents is one of Riga’s leading fine dining restaurants with a reputation that has attracted numerous celebrities over the years. Do like Elton John, prince Charles and the emperor of Japan and enjoy fine dining at its best!

Restaurant: Vincents

Cuisine: Gourmet

Where: Elizabetes iela 19, approx. 15 minutes’ walk from Old Town.
Restaurang Vincents i RigaThe food creations at Vincents are proper masterpieces.

#4 12/21 – the restaurant with Riga’s quaintest front

Restaurant 12/21 is not only incredibly popular because of its cuisine, but also for having one of Riga’s quaintest fronts! With paintings of cows and winding flowers on a bright and marine blue house wall, you just want to sit down in their al fresco area. Choose between meat, seafood and classic Latvian dishes. A juicy 270 g steak is about 36 euro. Don’t forget to order a side dish and something nice to drink.

Restaurant: 12/21

Cuisine: Gourmet

Where: Jauniela 16, in Old Town

#5 3 Pavāru restorāns – award-winning chefs

3 Pavāru restorāns, meaning “The 3 chefs’ restaurant” in English, invites you to an elegant and cosy setting with beautiful herringbone floor. At 3 Pavāru restorāns, the food is prepared in an open kitchen and the three chefs have had the hearts of the locals ever since the launch in 2011, and have received numerous awards as well. A main costs around 24 euro.

Restaurant: 3 Pavāru restorāns

Cuisine: International, European, Latvian, Central European

Where: Torna iela 4

Restaurangen 3 pavari i RigaThe food is a major part of any trip so take the opportunity to treat yourself to something extra at 3 Pavāru restorāns when you’re in Riga.

En efterrätt från restaurangen 3 pavari, i Riga*Attention to details has been given to each and every dish. *

#6 Muusu – food as artwork

At restaurant Muusu, focus is on the details, whether it’s food, decorations (inspired by the Nordics) or ceramics. The presentation of dishes is like a stunning artwork and its almost a pity to cut it up. Muusu also has great options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant people. Choose if you want to sit down in their outdoor or indoor area. The restaurant is spread over three levels with a relaxed lounge area at the top. A main dish costs about 20 euro.

Restaurant: Muusu

Cuisine: European, Latvian, Eastern European, Central European

Where: Skarnu iela 6, not far from the attraction St Peters church

#7 Biblioteka No1 – the restaurant in the park

Cocktails, wine, lunch, dinner, fine dining or Sunday brunch? It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for – at Biblioteka No 1 you can’t go wrong. The restaurant has a wide variety of food and beverages and you can enjoy the delicacies in a beautiful park in central Riga. A meat dish is around 30 euro.

Don’t miss the brunch on Sundays!

Restaurant: Biblioteka No 1

Cuisine: Latvian, Central-European, International

Where: Terbatas iela 2

#8 Dome fish restaurant – when seafood plays the main part

Dome fish restaurant is serious about seafood. Here they offer both À la carte, tasting menu, lunch and the option to sit on their rooftop terrace and enjoy your meal. Oysters, caviar, catch of the day… Dome fish restaurant ticks all the boxes. Be prepared to pay around 27 euro for a main course.

Restaurant: Dome fish restaurant

Cuisine: Seafood

Where: Miesnieku iela 4

#9 Steiku Haoss - “Steak house is our weakness…”

“... and we know what it takes.” With these words, the restaurant Steiku Haoss start their story about their philosophy around food. Sounds promising, to say the least, for those who start drooling at the very thought of great steaks and home-made marinades. Here you can even buy marinated meat to take home to your own barbecue! The cheapest steak is around 17 euro and the priciest 29 euro. The price only includes the meat so add another 3-5 euro for sides like baked potatoes, grilled veggies, onion rings and delicious sauces. Yum.

Restaurant: Steiku Haoss

Cuisine: Steakhouse, grill

Where: Terbatas iela 41/43

#10 Kaļķu vārti – extensive menu with something for everyone

What would be better than experiencing the Latvian cuisine in the historical Old Town – the heart of Riga? Kaļķu vārti offers an extensive menu with something for everyone. Both the food and the service get top-scores from the guests here. The décor has Latvian ethnical influences where “Nordic light-beige colours” are at the centre. Best of all? Here you can enjoy a delicious meal without emptying your wallet. A main costs about 18 euro.

Restaurant: Kaļķu vārti

Cuisine: Latvian, Eastern European

Where: Kaļķu iela 11b

En huvudrätt på restaurangen Kalku Varti i RigaWonderful seafood dishes are found on Kaļķu vārti’s menu.

En efterrätt på  restaurangen Kalku Varti i Riga... as well as desserts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

11# Zilā Govs – Latvian cows on the menu

The name of the restaurant, Zilā Govs - or Blue Cow – is actually the name of a Latvian cattle breed. Considering Latvian cows are being honoured here, it’s no surprise the menu has a Latvian steakhouse theme (of course, you find Blue Cow on the menu!). The produce is sourced from several eco-friendly farms around the country.
Restaurant: Zilā Govs

Cuisine: Steakhouse, Latvian

Where: Meistaru iela 21

12# Rozengrāls – unique Medieval theme in a cellar room downstairs

Here you have an interesting restaurant with a Medieval theme deep down in a cellar room in cosy Old Town! We’re talking staff dressed for the era, entertainment with dance and music and lots of lit candles. At Rozengrāls you feel the history and are invited to a feast unlike anything else in Riga. A main dish is around 12 euro.

Restaurant: Rozengrāls

Cuisine: Latvian, Eastern European

Where: Rozena 1

Bonus tip for the summer traveller – terraces and beach life in Jurmala

Are you visiting Riga in summer? Then you should definitely go on a daytrip to the nearby town of Jurmala! Here you find many lovely restaurants and terraces on Majori street and along the beach. Perfect if you want to get a break from sweaty sightseeing in Riga and cool down with a swim in the water and spend the day at the beach. Easiest way to go here is by train. The trip takes about 40 min.

Where: Jurmala, train station Majori