Meet Paola, our concierge at Comfort Hotel Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Previous she spilled the beans on one of her best kept secrets in Copenhagen, and today she reveals her second local secret. Her favourite burger joint: Bronx Burger Bar.

The Bronx Burger
The Bronx Burger is considered a trendy place with amazing burgers at a great price point

Gourmet Burgers have been a trend for several years in Copenhagen. Some of the most known burger places in the little capital of Denmark are Haché and Halifax. However in the heart of Nørrebro, one of Copenhagen’s hottest and most edgy neighborhoods, The Bronx Burger restaurant has established itself as a great place that reflects the vibrant and multicultural Nørrebro district.

In fact, The Bronx Burger is considered a trendy place with amazing burgers at a great value for money and is located at the famous Nørrebrogade, one of the first streets of the capital where biking, walking and transit had higher priority than cars. This makes it a very popular place with sidewalks full of people and life and a lot of things happening.

The Bronx Burger has a very relaxed, open and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has two floors and there is even a nice pool table and foosball table where people can have fun. The staff is also extremely friendly and very attentive. So, next time you feel like eating an amazing burger while immersing yourself in a playful an open atmosphere, The Bronx Restaurant is the right place for you!

20150123_201438Photo from Bronx Burger Bar

Visit The Bronx Burger Bar’s website for details and a view of the menu!

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