A star chef's recommendations – top insider tips for restaurants in Gothenburg

Where can you find the finest Michelin-starred restaurant? And where should you take the kids for dinner? Or go on a first date? Strawberry chats with VRÅ's star chef, Sofia B. Olsson.

Portait of Sofia B. Olsson, operations manager at the restaurant Vrå in Gothenburg.
  • "The food must be delicious."

  • "You know the seafood is locally sourced. And you've heard from friends that the staff treat each other well in the kitchen. It's just good vibes all the way," says Sofia B. Olsson.

  • That is how she describes a great meal for her.

  • It's about dining at a restaurant that excels in every aspect and on every level.

Gothenburg's best restaurants, according to Sofia

Sofia is the chef and operations manager at the restaurant VRÅ, located in the Clarion Hotel® Post in Gothenburg. The menu features local ingredients from both sea and land, with inspiration from the Far East and Japan. Sofia is the innovative head chef who created culinary success from the once-scorned Pacific oyster.

She is also known from the Swedish TV show Kockarnas kamp and has received the Sustainable Innovator of the Year award. Who better to ask about the very best eateries in Gothenburg?

What's your favourite restaurant in Gothenburg?

Bar Bulot in Stora Saluhallen.

This is a wine bar focusing on natural wines and food to match. The restaurant collaborates with local producers and farmers. Here, it's recommended to try the steak tartare and garlic-marinated king scallops. And most importantly, don't forget to ask the staff for their drink recommendations.

Best seafood meal in Gothenburg?

Luckans Fisk & Skaldjur, a fishmonger and lunch spot in one.

Here, you can find fish sourced from the nearby harbour. You can buy fresh seafood and oysters to take home or enjoy lunch on site. Luckans Fisk also serves locally brewed beer.

Best Asian?

Restaurant Fei, offering authentic Chinese cuisine. Head chef Guowei Zhou from Shandong Province in Northern China oversees the kitchen at Fei, which is located in the Clarion Hotel® Pier. The menu begins with cold dishes to start the meal, followed by soup, leading to the hot dishes that are the real highlight of the meal. The focus at Fei is on seafood and dumplings, and it's possible to put together a 10-course menu.

Best restaurant for children?

Norda is very child friendly.

Restaurant Norda is situated in the Clarion Hotel® Post. The establishment is known for its fantastic lunch and luxurious dishes at its Brunch Club. There's a fun and lively atmosphere with both groups of friends, whole families, and other guests of all ages. The menu includes everything from burgers and brownies or ice cream for the little ones to fresh seafood for the adults. Norda boasts spacious premises and is centrally located – with both Alfons Åberg's Cultural House and Trädgårdsföreningen just outside.

Best food on a budget?

Restaurant Fatima, offering genuine and authentic Moroccan cuisine.

The Moroccan kitchen is a melting pot of Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. Here, you can enjoy slow-cooked chicken, lamb, hummus, and delicious meatballs. At Fatima, you can either share the dishes or opt for a large portion for yourself. The restaurant is just a 15-minute walk from the trendy Haga district – so why not indulge in dessert among the wooden houses in one of Gothenburg's oldest neighbourhoods?

The city's best seafood?

"Can I say VRÅ? Because I truly believe VRÅ has the best seafood."

Sofia's own restaurant, as mentioned, is located in the Clarion Hotel® Post. It has become particularly famous for its oysters and Norwegian Arctic cod. But the coolest thing is to ask the chefs to put together a 4-course menu based on the season's finest ingredients. VRÅ is designed as if you are at the bottom of the ocean, with tables in ocean blue, curtains resembling waves, and booth seating surrounded by glass that gives a feeling of bioluminescence. Here, you can – pardon the pun – dive into an evening of gastronomic experiences.

The city's best Michelin-starred restaurant?

Restaurant Bhoga, serving Nordic flavours based on the season.

Restaurant Bhoga has one Michelin star and a Michelin Green Star as well.
"Ultra-seasonal ingredients from small farms are used in imaginatively presented dishes that are complex yet subtle in taste," according to the Michelin Guide. The restaurant also receives praise for its knowledgeable team, who are well-versed in the menu and wine list.

Feeling hungry? Stay centrally in Gothenburg to enjoy the best dining spots.

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