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The interior at restaurant Norda in Gothenburg at daytime.

Norda – flavours from both sides of the Atlantic

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Inspired by North America, restaurant Norda offers unexpected flavour combinations in a unique setting in the heart of Gothenburg. Experience a taste of Manhattan – Gothenburg-style.

Local ingredients with flavours from afar

Norda offers a perfect mix of the best from the Swedish west coast and the American east coast. On your plate, you'll find exciting dishes made with Nordic ingredients, including vegetables straight from their rooftop garden! Norda invites you to a welcoming and relaxed environment with historical interior details that will leave you amazed. The restaurant is located in the Clarion Hotel® Post, situated in one of the city's most prestigious buildings – the old post office.

Classic dishes with a playful twist

På Norda you can expect a menu with adventurous recipes. Dressed-up street food dishes, refined brasserie dishes, seafood, and of course, Gothenburg's signature dish – "Halv special med räkröra" (Half special with shrimp salad). At Norda, the classic receives a playful twist. With an impressive setting and fabulous décor, as well as a wonderful vibe, the restaurant is the ideal location for all kinds of occasions, be it a cosy dinner or a big celebration!

Unique selection of American wines

The menu at Norda showcases a blend of seasonality and quality complemented by an outstanding selection of wines that gracefully blend the flavours of the Swedish west coast and the American east coast. As one of Sweden's leading wine cellars for American wines, Norda offer a superb range of European classics and non-alcoholic options as well. Welcome to Norda!

Food at restaurant Norda in Gothenburg.Dessert at restaurant Norda in Gothenburg.




Opening hours


Tuesday - Friday: 11:30 - 14:00


Monday - Saturday: 17:00 - 23:00


Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00


Drottningtorget 10, 411 03 Göteborg