Helsinki has a rich selection of good vegetarian and vegan food options. Although there are not so many full-scale restaurants yet, most restaurants offer tasty vegan options. Here are some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the capital of Finland.

Delicious dish at Omnam


Within walking distance of Clarion Hotel Helsinki is also OmNam – a somewhat mysterious but delicious vegetarian restaurant. In the courtyard on Annegatan you will find this restaurant where they serve gourmet dishes as well as simple fast food. During the summer you can also use their fantastic outdoor seating in the courtyard – definitely worth a visit for those looking for an awesome vegetarian restaurant in Helsinki


The container cafe Cargo at Gräsvikskajen changed in 2016 to a vegetarian restaurant. Here you can enjoy a healthy lunch as well as an evening meal with many dishes. With a unique atmosphere and wide range of dishes, Cargo has grown to be a favourite for many of the city’s residents and visitors. Many of the dishes are also entirely vegan. On the other side of the water is Clarion Hotel Helsinki, a 78-metre high trendy quality hotel.

Date + Kale

On the fifth floor of the shopping centre Kampen i Kortteli we find Date & Kale – a cosy and fresh deli-restaurant. Everything in the restaurant is plant-based, organic, gluten-free and milk-free. Every morning here they offer a rågröt (a type of porridge) or smoothie-in-a-bowl breakfast – a great option for those who want to kick start the day in the best possible way! Hotel F6 is an elegant hotel close to the shopping centre. You will be centrally located here, staying in a designer room with good views.

Restaurant OmNam

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