The world is changing more quickly than ever, and we have to keep up – but one thing will never change.

It was previously said that there were only three things that were important for a hotel: location, location, location. Everything was about physical location – proximity to the city centre, restaurants and main transport hubs. But the rules of the game in the hotel industry have since changed. Today, location has a completely different meaning; it is about online presence, accessibility via mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, placement in Google search engine results and Tripadvisor rankings, and the time taken to respond to messages on Facebook and Twitter.

These changes greatly affect us. We have therefore established a dedicated technology and distribution company that will put us on the digital map, ensuring that we can be found online, that bookings can be made smoothly, and that we offer the best digital guest experience in the industry. This company, eBerry, will use your feedback and wishes to plant and cultivate our digital strawberries. The first berries will be served this summer with the launch of our new, exciting app, which will improve your hotel experience and tailor it to your needs. But this is not the only digital change in store.

In connection with these changes, it’s not surprising that we’ve been inspired by the greatest rock star of the IT world, Steve Jobs:

“You can’t start with the technology when developing a new product or service. You have to start with the customer experience.”

It is impossible to argue with these words of wisdom, which is why, in parallel with our digital efforts, we will be relaunching Strawberry. We have increased the number of available rooms that can be paid for using bonus points, reduced the requirements for reaching silver and gold card membership, removed unnecessary hassle and added new, targeted offers. You can now even use your earned points to take your family on a Mediterranean holiday – and you’ll soon see that the changes will bring you many other benefits.

Our guests’ satisfaction is the most important indicator for all the work that is undertaken at Strawberry, regardless of how our surroundings may change. Yes, distribution and service channels change. Yes, new market participants pop up left, right and centre. Yes, we have to continually adapt, and no, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. But there remains a single, indisputable truth that trumps everything else: It is you that is, and always will be, at the centre of everything we do.