Every year towards the end of November, consumers ready themselves for Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year! Often lasting the whole weekend or even a week, this day tends to kick-start Christmas shopping. However, in a bid not to support too much consumerism during Black Friday, we want to suggest 7 things you can do instead of buying masses of cheap new items, and instead contribute to a better and more sustainable society.

Black friday
Are you planning to shop this Black Friday? How about doing a good deed instead?

1.Challenge yourself and your friends to no shopping at all for 24 hours!

Buy Nothing Day is an international campaign day that falls on the same day as, or the day after, Black Friday. The purpose of the day is to protest against the consumer society. To participate, simply refrain from all forms of shopping for 24 hours.

Go ahead and use the #BuyNothingDay hashtag in social media and encourage your friends to spread the word!

2. Give back by giving to charity this Black Friday

Choose the right thing to do this Black Friday by supporting those who work to make many of the darkest days of the year a little brighter. Choose the organisation that is closest to your heart.

Did you know that you can donate your Strawberry bonus points in the Strawberry to UNICEF or the National Cancer Societies? 10,000 points equals 300 SEK, 20,000 points equals 600 SEK, and so on.

Find out more about how to donate your bonus points here.

Give to charity this Black Friday.

3. If you really have to shop - buy second hand items or swap with someone

We understand that the urge to shop can be very real during a weekend such as Black Friday, especially being around pay day ahead of all the fun that the Christmas month has to offer. However, instead of buying new things, you could choose to buy second hand items or swap with someone! Pre-loved items can make the perfect gift! And this does not just apply to clothes and shoes. How about swapping plant cuttings, books or home furnishings?

Circular Monday (formerly White Monday) is a day that falls on the Monday before Black Friday and encourages you to choose circular alternatives before buying new items.

4. Give a gift or of your time - spread a wave of generosity in the world

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? (Yes, there are a lot of good days to pay attention to in connection to Black Friday!) This day occurs on the Tuesday after Black Friday and is about giving a gift or your time to work together in making the world a slightly better place. For example, you can give away a breakfast, become a blood donor, start a fundraiser, do some volunteering or give away something you no longer need.

Every year, many of our hotels organise the Lonely Christmas Tree Seeking Presents campaign which involves collecting Christmas presents that are then donated to support local organisations near our hotels. Join in by giving gifts to those most in need of some Christmas cheer. Give children a better Christmas - leave a Christmas present under the Christmas tree at a hotel near you!

Find out more about how to participate here.

We want to spread some Christmas magic to as many people as possible around the world.

5. Rent or borrow - instead of buying

We're not just talking about books at the library or a van when you move house. Renting or borrowing things is becoming more common and the supply is increasing every day! This is ideal for things you only need to use a few times and might otherwise just lie around collecting dust. This could include clothes for a specific occasion, bags, furniture, tools, games and sports equipment.

We promise that both your wallet and your storage space will thank you!

6. Free coffee + good conscience

Did you know? As a member of the Strawberry, you are always welcome to visit our hotels to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee (or tea) every day, even when you’re not staying with us. And that even includes second helpings!

At our hotels you can always enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience. Each coffee bean is organic and Fairtrade, and together with our coffee supplier, Löfbergs Lila, we support a project in Honduras that aims to teach women farmers how to grow organic coffee.

Find out more about your membership benefits here.

Every coffee bean we serve is organic and Fairtrade.

7. Live more sustainably - even when you stay in a hotel

It is possible to combine a wonderful hotel stay with a sustainable lifestyle! And we are happy to help you along the way with a few simple tips. For example, you can choose to eat a little greener and think about only taking as much food as you know you can eat. It’s better to take from a buffet little and often so as to avoid wastage. Take care of sheets and towels, and save water. Choose public transport or walk whenever you can, and make sure to sort your rubbish whenever you can.

Here at Strawberry, we share a tradition and culture to do more than is expected of us – both by our guests, our employees, society and the environment. We call these efforts WeCare.

Find out more about our WeCare sustainability efforts here.