Everything is changed. Hotels are empty. An abundance of our coworkers are without a job at the moment. Is there anything we can help you with now? These are examples on what we can contribute with:

  • We have staff with competence within cleaning and delivery of food and goods.

  • We have space and facilities ready to be rented for temporary medical facilities if we end up with crowded hospitals

  • We can make a custom agreement/deal for accommodation, for those in healthcare that work around the clock - as well as for police and military operations

  • We can offer good prices on facilities that can be used for temporary test taking facilities and to run temporary kindergartens

  • We can offer short-and long-term booking of facilities for video conferences, storage, training and education etc

We want to help find solutions to situations that already are a fact, or situations that may arise. If and when a need presents itself, please talk to us.

For inquiries regarding hotels and facilities, contact us at groups@strawberry.se.
For inquiries regarding staff or a helping hand, please fill out this form.

Kind regards from all of us in Strawberry.