Plastic. Place. Plastic. Plastic around cucumbers, plastic cutlery for your picnic, plastic bags for everything. Do as Comfort Hotel® does and sign up for plastic abuse rehab. And if you think of a way of reducing plastic consumption that the hotels can implement, you get a free hotel night!

Use it once and throw it away, disposable packaging – our use of plastic is hardly defensible. Although plastic has historically been a fantastic material of the future, plastic has today become a consumable item and a big environmental problem. At present, there are around 150 million tons of plastic floating in our waters. The Comfort Hotel hotel chain is now taking steps to be free of all unnecessary use of plastic and go into rehab for plastic abuse – and you can help!

“Being environmentally responsible should be rewarding”

– “There are incredible entrepreneurs and innovators in the world and I’m sure there are still a lot of useful and ingenious solutions that have not yet been discovered. For every idea we get and can use, we will reward the guest. Being environmentally responsible should be rewarding. My dream is that Comfort Hotel will serve as the place where such ideas are captured and allowed to grow,” says Anna Spjuth, Senior Vice President at Comfort Hotel.

Good for both your wallet and the environment

Today, disposable packaging accounts for a full 40 percent of plastic production, and it is exactly these one-use packages that end up at the high end of top-10 lists of the most common junk in the ocean. Comfort Hotel demonstrates that you can be kind to your wallet and the environment at the same time. By picking away all the unnecessaries and instead focussing on what the guest really needs:

“The time of overconsumption is past. We are getting rid of cups, toothbrushes, portion packaging, balloons, straws and other unnecessary plastic products right now. Part of our business idea is to be ”Easy on the planet” and this initiative is part of it,” says Anna Spjuth.

How to enter:

The competition is now closed. All those who submitted a workable suggestion to reduce plastic have received a free overnight stay. Many thanks to all the participants.

A decoration for your drink or just a burden on the environment?

You can also cut down on plastic! Here are 5 tips on how to reduce the plastic in your life:

1# Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo or wooden toothbrush.2# Don’t choose disposable packaging.3# Bring your own thermos cup for takeaway coffee. Many cafes are happy to fill your thermos cup instead of (ab)using take-away cups.4# Buy a nice water flask or reuseable bottle instead of bottled water in plastic bottles.5# Choose cartons instead of plastic containers and bottles when shopping for food and cleaning products.

Comfort Hotel always offers a great location for a sensible price tag. Here is the Comfort Hotel Grand Central in Oslo.

Comfort Hotel can be found in over 20 different destinations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Lithuania. Here you always get the best location, select service, urban design and great respect for the environment. All for a very reasonable price.

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