When Björn Olausson wanted to surprise his wife for their anniversary, Google Calendar revealed it all. Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington in Stockholm decided to turn the tables and surprise Google-Björn instead.

Björn Olausson’s the kind of man who wanted to surprise his wife on their anniversary with babysitting, dinner and hotel night on May 22nd. But sometimes, in our modern lives, technology simply outsmarts us.

Bjorn’s hotel reservation for him and his wife ended up showing in the couple’s common Google calendar when the booking confirmation was received. To Björns disappointment, this ruined the romantic surprise he had planned. Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington found out what had happened and immediately felt that this could not pass unnoticed.

A few weeks ago, Björn experienced an unexpected surprise: the hotel and Karin had decided to surprise him instead! Not only not with a hotel night, like Björn might have thought, but an extra special hotel experience including a hotel suite, bubbles and a romantic dinner. When we asked Bjorn if he ever had any suspicions something was being planned behind his back, he replied that he never expected anything and that being surprised was super fun!

«Our guests are what we live and breathe for, and we saw an opportunity to turn this into a different hotel experience – and perhaps even a memory for life,” says Ida Serneberg, Social Media Manager at Strawberry.

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