Tobias met Ulf already the first day on his job. Today they meet regularly at Tobias’ workplace, Quality Hotel Tønsberg, where Ulf for many years has been a regular guest.

How did you become a regular at Quality Hotel Tønsberg?

– Our office is located in Sem, just outside Tønsberg, and I stay about 80 nights in Tønsberg every year. So I looked for a hotel with high standards, personality and good service all year round. The choice fell on Quality Hotel Tønsberg – an easy choice.

What is the reason you have been a regular guest at the hotel?

– There are no problems here, just solutions. The service is very good. They will arrange for food even though the kitchen is closed. Over the years I have become very familiar with the staff, this means I can leave extra clothes and some other necessities between my visits. This is my second home.

Quality Hotel Tønsberg - fasade1 (2)
Quality Hotel Tønsberg - fasade2 (1)

Can you describe the feeling you get when you come back to Quality Hotel Tønsberg?

– I feel I’m always welcome here. Usually my room is all ready when I come, and if there’s a queue in the reception, I immediately get my card key regardless of the queue. If it’s been long since my last stay, we update each other on what has happened since the last time.

What are your hotel routines?

– When I enter my room, I usually put on the coffemaker and find myself a news show on TV. Afterwards I unpack my suitcase. If it’s not too late at night, I’ll do some workout in the fitness room and enjoy the sauna. I gladly eat some food in their cozy restaurant.

How is your relationship with Tobias Garcia?

– Tobias is a wonderful person who takes good care of me. He is also from Malmö, and we often talk about what happens back home.

Do you tend to get help with more unusual things?

– When there’s a show in the Oseberg Concert Hall, the hotel tends to arrange tickets for me and my wife. They’re also always very thoughtful on my birthday.

Both Ulf and Tobias are from Malmö in Sweden.