You’ve finally made it back to your hotel room after a long day. The meetings are over you’ve picked up some new contacts, and you sealed the final deal over a working dinner. So you can now draw a line under a successful day at work. And then …

You settle down for the night with a clear conscience, and enjoy the feeling of fresh bed linen against your skin. But suddenly you remember … There is just one more email you have to answer. Oh, and what’s the order for the presentation tomorrow morning?

Let the right tools do the job

You really, really don’t want to leave your comfortable bed. And you’re even less interested in waiting for your laptop to boot while the prospect of a good night’s sleep dissolves like morning mist in the sun. All this is simply not a concern if you have the right apps in your smartphone.

Apps that put you in control

Wunderlist is one of the most popular apps for keeping track of agreements and tasks. It lets you share lists with others – and work with them in real time. Perfect for a varied working day with all kinds of things to remember, and even more perfect for winding up your working day from the edge of your bed.

And it is so satisfying to tick off everything you have done as the day draws to a close. Check – and goodnight!

Evernote is nothing short of a stroke of genius. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. This is because Evernote can handle a variety of formats and supports most platforms, so you can always take your notes with you – no matter what type of device you’re using.

The app makes it incredibly simple to organise ‘to do lists’, bookmarks and documents – and then synchronises the information up in the cloud. So all you need is an internet connection; it really is as simple as that.

Trello simplifies project management – even from the comfort of your hotel bed. Trello is a highly flexible collaboration tool – perfect for projects involving multiple players. Use different ‘notice boards’ to organise your work. Then divide the boards into a series of lists. These lists, in turn, feature a variety of cards.

It is incredibly straightforward – and a single glance at the notice board provides a complete overview of the project. Who is responsible for what, and when does it have to be done? Everyone can see everything in Trello.

Truegroups is a Norwegian app designed to give parents a full overview of all the family’s activities in no more than 30 seconds. Ideal, for example, if you have family matters to attend to while you’re on holiday …

Need a hard copy? Keep a printer in your pocket

If inspiration really kicked in among the sheets and pillows and you ended up solving a problem or coming up with a revolutionary idea – wouldn’t it be better to set it out in black and white?

How cool would it be to have a mini-printer in your wash-kit to print directly from your mobile phone?

You may have to wait a bit for that – but the future is robotic and closer than you think.

Let the apps and the robots make it easier for you to work from your hotel room. The start of the day should be reserved for quiet reflection, a delicious hotel breakfast, and better coffee than you get at home …