You probably already know that you can open your hotel room using our app, right? But what about using a key card in your Google Wallet? This makes it even easier for you to access your hotel room! And guess what? One of our hotels is the very first hotel in the world (!) to be offering this solution!

Clarion Hotel Post

Even if we say so ourselves, it’s seriously cool, right? Let’s repeat that! One of our hotels, namely Clarion Hotel® Post in Gothenburg, is the very first hotel in the entire world to be offering you the chance to use a digital room key in the Google Wallet on your phone, making it super simple to access your hotel room and activate the lift!

Why all the fuss about digital room keys?

Even though Clarion Hotel® Post is currently the only (and very lucky) hotel to be offering this solution, we are of course working hard to roll it out at more hotels. So watch this space… And if you’re as much of a tech nerd as us, we strongly recommend you to book a stay at Clarion Hotel® Post to try it out!

Clarion Hotel Post with rainbowClarion Hotel Post is the first hotel in the world to offer digital room keys in Google Wallet for all Android phone users.

But why are we focusing so much on digital room keys? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory really – our reception staff will have more time to spend helping guests instead of staring at a computer screen, and guests will have fewer things to keep track of during their stay. You’re likely to be carrying your mobile phone with you everywhere you go anyway, and now you won’t even have to think about your room key during your stay!

How do digital key cards via Google Wallet work?

Are you wondering how digital key cards via Google Wallet actually work? Let us enlighten you!

All you have to do is wake your phone, hold it up to the card reader and voilà…your hotel room door will open and the lift will be activated! You heard right! You don’t even need to press any buttons or unlock your phone. Just wake it up and your phone will do its magic!

Google Wallet Key on Android phoneThis is what a digital key card looks like in Google Wallet on an Android phone.

You can add the room key to your Google Wallet any time you want, and it will be automatically activated as soon as you’ve checked in. Just make sure to activate notifications for your Google Wallet and you’ll be able to use your digital key from the moment you check in. You’ll be unlocking your room faster than you can say “Google Wallet Key”!

What can I do with the Strawberry app?

As mentioned above, the solution is still only available at one hotel, but several of our hotels (90+) offer Mobile Keys via our app. That means you needn’t bother with a physical key card, plus you’ll be able to use the app to book stays in record time, pay, check in and out, as well as get a full overview of your bonus points and bookings.

P.S. Did you know that we also offer digital room keys via Apple Wallet at Clarion Hotel® Post? In fact, it’s the first hotel in Europe to offer this solution! Find out more about digital room keys with Apple Wallet here!