Fed up with queuing at the reception? Do you want to get up to your hotel bed as soon as possible and rest your legs after a long, busy day? Or do you prefer to do things by yourself or perhaps just want to try out new technology? Now we have Self Service stations at selected hotels where you can check in yourself – swiftly and smoothly. Read more on how to do it and how both hotel and guests benefit from it.

Self Service station at Quality Hotel 33
Self Service station at Quality Hotel™ 33

Go straight to your room

We know that many of our guests are both tired and stressed when they arrive at the hotel. Most guests want to go to their room and unwind as soon as possible. For these guests, we have a solution: Self Check In. Here you don’t have to wait in line at the reception, and you can check in, pay and get the key to your room yourself.

Self-Check-in.jpgThis is what a Self Service station at Clarion Hotel® looks like. Photo: Bobo Olsson

We’ve had a chat with Wenche Eklund, Guest Relations Manager at Clarion Hotel® Post, about their Self Service stations that have been in operation since March 2018.

– Our station where the guests are able to check in themselves, is perfect when there’s a long queue at the hotel reception. Being able to offer this service to our guests feels highly satisfying, Wenche says, and continues:

–  We have noted that it’s primarily business travellers who choose to check in themselves, they love it when it’s fast and easy. But so far, the majority of our guests choose to check in at the traditional reception counter and it’s important that our guests understand that we have not introduced the Self Service stations to make it easier for our staff, on the contrary. We want to offer the option so that our guests swiftly and smoothly can have access to their rooms. And our staff is always there for our guests, whether they would like to change room or if have some other concerns.

How does it work?

– The guest can easily follow the instructions displayed on the iPad at the Self Service station next to the reception. First you enter: last name, first name and number of nights you are staying. E-mail address is optional.  Depending on whether you are paying or not, you insert your bank card in the card reader. Then you will get a message on the screen with your room number. You can also enter your telephone number and you will receive a text message with your room number – great for those who tend to be a bit forgetful. Last step is to get the key to your room, and for this, you need to keep an eye on the little card reader located below the iPad, Wenche explains.

Although the reception at Clarion Hotel® Post is incredibly large, there can be long queues every now and then. That’s when our Self Service stations come in handy (unfortunately not featured in the image)!

Use our functional app!

A tip for anyone who would like to make their hotel stay as smooth and convenient as possible, is to download our app. Here you can do everything from booking your hotel stay, keeping track of your bookings, paying your hotel room and checking in and out. You can also chat with the hotel you are staying at and you can even use your smart phone as your room key at several of our hotels. Isn’t that great?

Read more about our mobile room key here.