Not sure how to check yourself in and out? Then check out this easy guide to our Service Station!

Business man checking in at a self service station

Not all hotels have Service Stations yet. Wondering if the hotel you are staying in has it? If they do, you’ll find all the relevant information on the hotel website under “Services”.

1. Find the Service Station

Step into the lobby and look for a table with an iPad on. This is where you need to go and use the iPad.

2. Press “Check in”

No special hocus-pocus needed.


3. Look up your reservation

There are two ways to find your reservation:

  1. By entering your name and the number of nights you will be staying.

  2. By entering your booking number. If you have booked from a site other than, be sure to enter the number you received from us.

4. Pay and check in

Unless your stay is to be paid by invoice, you pay at this stage. Just insert your card and do your thing. Then you are ready to check in.

5. Get room number and create room key

When you press “Check in”, your room number will appear on the screen. You don’t need to write this down, the number will also be sent to you by text message. Next thing is making the room key. You just follow the instructions on the screen, but it's no more difficult than taking a card, putting it in designated space on the device, and letting technology perform its magic.

Will there be there several adults staying in the room? Then you can also create more room keys.

Instead of a physical room key, you can have the key on your phone in the app. Read more about mobile keys here!

6. Now your stay begins!

You see, it was easy-peasy lemon squeezy!


7. Checking out

Let's not worry too much about checking out now, but when it's time to say goodbye, just tap “Check out” on the iPad, pay for any extras you may have had and return the key card. Hope to see you again soon!

Good to know

Can I check in using the Service Station if I didn’t book at

Yep! But here’s a good tip: If you book directly with us you are guaranteed to get the lowest price. (And an even lower price if you are a member of the Strawberry)

I booked several rooms in my name. Can I check myself in?

The rooms should be booked in the names of those who are actually going to stay there, but if that is not the case you will need help checking in.

Can I check out at the Service Station even if I have prepaid and then had something from the minibar during my stay? Or just generally added something to the room bill?

Yes, just let the reception know what you have had and you can pay for the extra items when you check yourself out. If the hotel you are staying at has chat, just send a message down.