We all know that exercising makes us feel better. Very little is required to give our muscles a good workout. Here are our eight favourite exercises, none of which require any equipment or weights. Perfect for travelling or when at the summer cottage, or even when simply spending time at home.  Voilá – feel the burn!


Bulgarian split squat (legs)

NCH_Exercise_Bulgarian_L_985x549 The Bulgarian split squat. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Keep the leg straight, to prevent the knee from protruding in front of your toes. Push your body down as far as you can, and then push up until your knees are straight. Keep your body still throughout the exercise. Move only your leg.

Narrow push-ups on a table (back of arms)

NCH_Exercise_Narrow_pushups_985x549 Narrow push-ups on a table. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Keep the space between your arms narrow and make sure your elbows point backwards. Lower your body until your chest touches the table and push up. Keep your toes on the ground and your stomach muscles tight throughout the exercise.

Dips on a chair (back of arms)

NCH_Exercise_Dip_985x549 Dips on a chair. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Keep the space between your arms narrow and make sure the elbows point backwards. Keep your bum close to the chair/box throughout the exercise. Keep your legs straight for maximum benefit, or bend to make the exercise less though.


‘Cycling’ on the bed

NCH_Exercise_Bicycle_985x549 Cucling on the bed. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Lean your upper body halfway back and lift your legs (bend the knees). Make sure to use your arms and core muscles (stomach), in order to avoid straining the small of your back. Straighten one leg at a time in a ‘cycling’ motion.

Forward slide

NCH_Exercise_Slide_still_985x549 Forward slide. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

NCH_Exercise_Slide_forward_985x549 The Forward slide in action. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Tighten your stomach as much as you can. Start by pushing one arm as far ahead as possible and then back again. Repeat with the opposite arm. Keep the stomach tight throughout the exercise, to avoid your back from swaying. The exercise can also be performed on your toes.

Sideway slide

NCH_Exercise_Core_01_985x549 Sideway slide. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Same as the previous exercise, but this time, push your arms to the sides.


Diagonal lift (back)

NCH_Exercise_Diagonal_985x549 Diagonal lift. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Stand on all fours. Suck your belly in. Lift one arm and one leg, diagonally. Stretch as far as you can.

Side plank (core muscles)

NCH_Exercise_Sideplank_985x549 The Side plank. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

Place one elbow on the floor. Bend the low leg and straighten the top leg. Lift your hip and push slightly forward. Alternatively, keep both legs straight and raise your arm towards the ceiling.


  • High-tempo walks – The perfect way to get out and see the surroundings while also working out.

  • Go for a jog – Slip into your sneakers and head out for a jog. Any season, anywhere!

  • Borrow a bike – Several of our hotels offer bicycles for guests to borrow. Get out and enjoy!

  • Workout apps – These days there are tons of workout apps that offer everything from full programs to short workouts. Take your pick from yoga, dance and much, much more!


NCH_Exercise_Relax_985x549 Don't forget to rest your body. Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc

After a workout the restitution starts, and that’s when you are getting stronger! There’s some interesting chemistry going on in your body right now. Endorphins get you excited and at the same time relaxed. You can top all this by doing the most basic meditation:

Lie down on the floor. Try to feel as heavy as possible for once. Take a deep breath through your nose – your belly should rise. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Don’t fall asleep. You must have time for a shower before dinner.