What can you do to make the most of the long-awaited sunny and hot months? We have collected the 10 best life hacks (tips and tricks) to help you maximise the summer. Take a peek here!

Friends jump in the water
Take a swim on a late summer night

1. Keep at least one week free of plans

Why? Quite simply because a vacation should be exactly that: a holiday. A day you can fill with whatever you want whenever you wake up. Eat your meals in reverse order, sleep in the middle of the day or ignore the bright sun shining and just treat yourself to a serial marathon in front of the TV.

2. Tech-detox

Most people always have their mobile phone with them. From the moment they get up until they go to bed down, just bleeping, calling and sending messages all day. Your brain obviously needs a holiday too. Have it experience the summer properly, not through a screen.

3. Be a tourist at home

Do you think you know the local areas like the back of your hand? Think again! Bring someone you like and rediscover the paths you always used to take when you were small, try that restaurant you’ve always thought you should visit or go to that museum everyone has told you about. And if you book a room at the local hotel, everything is even more exciting.

4. Try a new summer sport

Summer is the time to test new things. Why not try a new sport? Rent a tennis court, test a game of boules, learn to cartwheel or play hide and seek with the kids.

5. Avoid mosquitoes

Prevent being invaded by mosquitoes with their bites that itch all night by making your own mosquito screens. Divide a lime into two and push cloves into the pulp. Leave it out and enjoy a bite-free summer.

6. Listen to podcasts

The perfect summer entertainment! A podcast keeps you entertained when you’re out walking or jogging, in the car, on a beach and can’t sleep because of the warm and bright summer nights. Choose whether you want to listen to sports profiles, journalists, doctors, artists, authors or someone just talking about something different or who is an expert on a subject.

Friends having dinner

7. Invite the new neighbour to dinner

Summer is a perfect time to get to know new people. Add some extra food to the grill and invite your new neighbour, colleague or friendly salesman to dinner.

8. Avoid letting your ice-cream drip

Adults and kids all want to avoid getting sticky fingers when eating their ice lollies in the summer heat! Just push the stick through a muffin or cupcake case and hold underneath. Voilà – goodbye sticky mess

9. Homemade sunburn relief

Did you know that you have the perfect after-sun cure in the refrigerator? If you have burned yourself and turn red, the answer is to slather yourself in natural yoghurt.

10. Game night

We haven’t a bad word for summer and sun, but a rainy evening can be the cosiest thing. Just bring out your board games and gather your family and friends around for a games night. Ludo, Monopoly or card games – underappreciated entertainment that can be such fun!