Autumn has made its entry and with it comes the time to announce the winners of this summer's grande photo competition. Thanks to you all we have received and thoroughly evaluated over 1500 pictures, and we can finally present the 12 best contributions to the world. Do you have a personal favourite? Scroll through and enjoy these beautiful images of our world.

Hotel Brosundet, winner photo

Summer is over for this year and so is our photo competition. We have received an enormous amount of photos of everything and anything, from summery pictures of feet at the beach to styled images of facilities and activities at our hotels. Let's just say there has been no lack of creativity! We would like to send warm thanks to all of you who submitted your photos. We have finally reached a decision on the 12 best contributions, where the top 3 will be awarded a hotel gift card. Places 4 to 12 are displayed in random order.

We present to you the 3 winners of this year's photo competition:

1st place
View over Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund, winner photo competition 2021_original
The winning shot is snapped by Magnus Torfoss, and shows the Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund, Norway. Find more of Magnus' work on his personal website: Magnus will receive a gift card worth 5000 kr to use on any of our hotels.

2nd place
View of harbour in the winter, number two in photo competition 2021_16_9
Second place goes to Martin Håndlykken for this photo of a beautiful winter's day. Martin's website is: Martin wins a gift card worth 3000 kr.

3rd place
People carrying surfboard at the beach, number 3 in photo competition 2021_16_9
Kari Krog Øvrelid snapped this wonderful picture of a dreamy day at the beach, and wins third place in the photo competition. We will be sending her a gift card worth 1000 kr.

The following pictures are presented in random order, so you can decide for yourself which one is your favourite.

View of Öresundsbron from Malmö, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Malin Bolte.

View of Oslo from the top of Clarion Hotel The Hub, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Bjørn G. Stark.

Woman reading a book by the window, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Martin Håndlykken.

Flying sea gulls by the beach, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Lovisa Wanker.

View of fjords and nature in Ålesund, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Håvard Legernæs.

Mo i Rana during winter, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Kristin Hvarnes.

Woman looking out of window at restaurant, photo competition 2021_16_9Foto: Martin Håndlykken.

Facade of Avalon Hotel, photo competition 2021_originalFoto: Christine Lindén.

Restaurant dish at Norda Clarion The Hub, photo competiton 2021_originalFoto: Jannike Berg.

Thanks and congratulations

We would like to thank and congratulate all the very talented photographers mentioned on making top 12 in this incredibly high-level photo competition. A special congrats goes to Magnus Torfoss, Martin Håndlykken and Kari Krog Øvrelid, who each won a hotel gift card. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our hotels!