Whether you’re a ski fanatic or just want a kick of adrenaline while on vacation, this particular festival is one you’ll enjoy. Arranged yearly, the Holmenkollen Ski Festival is the world’s largest, three day long ski festival that takes place just outside the Oslo city center in Norway. Here are three very good reasons why you should attend.

Holmenkollen Ski Festival
Holmenkollen Ski Festival

1. You have a need for speed

You love the fast life. Skiers do too. The Holmenkollen Ski Jump has a hill size of HS134 (in laymans terms that is a 60 meter high jump). So, we can assure you there will be no shortage of speed in these three days as the skiers practically will be flying down the slopes.

2. You’ll love the top athletes from Nordics

Between the ski jump event for women, cross country for men or youth relay on Sunday – there is a little excitement for everyone. If you love skiing, you’ll love watching the experts work their magic and join in the fun to cheer on your favourite athlete. Everyone who’s important in the skiing world will be there so make sure to bring your camera; maybe even a notepad and pen if you get the chance to ask for an autograph.

3. It’s a perfect day trip from the center of Oslo

If you stay in Oslo it’s the perfect day trip as it takes only 20 minutes by car or for a more environmentally-friendly way, take the local T-Bane. That leaves you with absolutely no excuse not to visit the festival if you’re in Oslo. Unless of course, you just happened to miss the festival, then here is a must have first-timer’s guide to Oslo.

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There you have it! Three simple reasons why you should go visit Holmenkollen Ski Festival if you just happen to be in town. Else, if you miss the festival Holmenkollen itself is quite a modern spectacle to check out. We promise you won’t be disappointed.